Defense Intelligence Agency Visits Saint Martin’s University

Jessilyn Dagum. Staff Writer


“One mission. One team. One Agency.” Those are the words that echoed through Harned Hall on one particular Wednesday afternoon. On April 11, Saint Martin’s University hosted a Federal Government Recruiting Event with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). Their motto was “One mission. One team. One Agency,” a unifying statement that came across quite clearly through the words of the DIA men and women that spoke with the Saint Martin’s community.

Now, you might be wondering, “What exactly is the DIA?” If you hadn’t attended the day’s event, you might have never heard of the DIA, and even if you did make an appearance, you might have gone in not knowing what to expect. “When most people hear ‘DIA’ they automatically think of the CIA of the FBI, which is great because we all work closely together, but we do have specific duties that we do,” said Greg Novak, a representative of the analytic career field within the DIA and U.S. Marines. To their credit, the Defense Intelligence Agency plays a unique and critical role in our nation’s defense. During the informational session of the event, attendees learned that, “around the world, around the clock, DIA analyzes and delivers decisive defense intelligence to prevent strategic surprise and protect the nation,” as stated in a cliché, yet informative, propaganda-type video, (as it was jokingly called). “What we do is defense intelligence. Everything we do is looking through the lens, ‘What is the threat to the department of defense?” Novak then went on to expand on his particular field and how they look for indications and warnings as well as “trying to find out a trend that could threaten department or state.” Novak explained that this specific field is only one small slice of the bigger DIA pie. “When we have a bad day, bad things happen in the world. When we have a good day, we get to go home and not tell anyone about it. It’s one of those things where we know we made a difference,” said Novak, hinting at the somewhat classified nature of the agency. During the informational panel, students and those interested in the DIA were able to learn more about the agency and ask the DIA representatives questions. The DIA specified that they were not only looking for those with military background or STEM educations. In the nearly packed room, there were students and attendees from all different disciplines and backgrounds, many of whom were looking forward to applying to the vacant positions within the DIA. “It was really cool to learn about the agency and the interesting things they do. I want to learn more about the internship opportunities they offer for computer science majors,” said junior computer science major, AJ Berbisco.

Visiting campus along with the DIA was Saint Martin’s Alumni, Major General Harry E. Miller Jr., currently a senior leader within the DIA. Miller graduated from Saint Martin’s in 1992, with a Master’s in business administration. Today, he is the Mobilization Assistant to the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in Washington, D.C. Specifically, Miller is the principal advisor to the director regarding the effective integration and employment of reserve forces supporting the DIA from across the services. Furthermore, he serves as the Director of the Reserve Integration Office as a special assistant to the director. Throughout his career, he formally served as a commander of the 42nd Infantry Division, New York Army National Guard. He is one of the many examples of the great men and women who have graduated from Saint Martin’s and gone on to serve others as well as our country, thus maintaining the Benedictine value of service.


Following the informational session and panel was the awaited recruitment fair where students were able to make connections with DIA personnel and learn more about the type of work they do. To learn more about the internship and job opportunities within DIA visit

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