Cats versus dogs

Taryn Zard, Staff Writer


We are all well aware of the age-old debate of cats versus dogs. This feud for dominance extends into Washington’s collegiate sports teams. Two Pac-12 teams, Washington State University (WSU) and the University of Washington (UW) continue this tradition of cats versus dogs with their intense rivalry. Of course, with the mascots being a cat—WSU’s Cougars, and a dog—UW’s Huskies, this only makes sense. 

Often the start of the season sets the mood for games to come. Although not quite “do or die,” teams want to kick off the season right. Washington State annihilated their first opponent, New Mexico State, by a score of 58-7 before beating Northern Colorado and Houston. These victories represented a promising start to the season. The game against the UCLA Bruins will be talked about for a while. It seemed to start out the same as the other matches, and a win was almost guaranteed. The Cougars had a ferocious attack in the beginning and were dominating their competition for a while. By the time the third quarter was underway, the Cougars seemed to have their first big game of the season. WSU was decimating the Bruins with a 32-point lead. With 10 minutes left in the third quarter, UCLA seemed to wake up. By the time the game had ended, UCLA managed to score 67 points, stealing the win from the Cougars by four. Thus, the Cougars have their first loss of the season, but hope is not lost yet as they still scored 63 points in one game. Despite the loss, fans were still celebrating Washington State’s quarterback Anthony Gordon, who broke the previous record for touchdown passes in a game held by Gardner Minshew. Gordon finished with nine touchdown passes and was 41-of-61 for 570 yards, with the addition of two interceptions. 


The University of Washington started the season off well, with a win against Eastern Washington, followed by a loss to Cal by one point. They won their next two, beating Brigham Young’s Cougars by a score of 45-19, and against Hawaii, the next week. The game against BYU started with both teams having two wins and one loss each. With three of BYU’s drives ending in turnovers, and Washington’s quarterback Jacob Eason completing 90 percent of his passes in the first quarter, the Huskies were leading 21-3. 

BYU tight end Matt Bushman commented that while they were playing against returning Pac-12 champions, “our mistakes just made them look like world beaters.” 

With an average victory margin of 30 points, UW seems to be starting the season off strong. University of Washington’s defensive back, Elijah Molden, is a player to watch this season. After losing in the Rose Bowl, like his father, Elijah came back determined to do better. 

He worked hard and studied the tapes rigorously, and according to coach Jimmy Lake, “You can tell that his preparation is going to lead him to make a lot of plays this year.” 


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