President Biden’s Executive Orders

Sunya Chay, Staff Writer

President Biden and Vice-president Kamala Harris. Courtesy of the Creative commons.

In just a few short weeks, President Joe Biden has already signed several executive orders. Since his inauguration on January 20, 2021, the president has signed 28 executive orders including aid for COVID-19, better immigration laws, and orders to help with climate change. These executive orders help call to action what is to be done.

There are eight executive orders that help with the fight against COVID-19. These include orders on travel, a relief fund, and wearing masks in public. President Biden has made it mandatory for masks to be worn and social distancing to be practiced in all federal locations, like post offices, courthouses, and capital buildings. This means that federal workers are required to always wear a mask and practice social distancing. The executive order also mentions that “[t]he heads of executive departments and agencies (agencies) shall immediately take action, as appropriate and consistent with applicable law, to require compliance with CDC guidelines with respect to wearing masks, maintaining physical distance, and other public health measures by: on-duty or on-site Federal employees; on-site Federal contractors; and all persons in Federal buildings or on Federal lands.” 

With the executive order surrounding climate change, titled “Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science to Tackle the Climate Crisis,” it goes into detail about how to proceed when it comes to fighting the ongoing battle with climate change. The executive order starts out with addressing how the government has a duty to protect the public health, and that in order to make sure that the government can uphold that promise, it needs to listen to science and what is best to preserve the environment. The executive order mentions that “where the Federal Government has failed to meet that commitment in the past it must advance environmental justice. In carrying out this charge, the Federal Government must be guided by the best science and be protected by processes that ensure the integrity of Federal decision-making. It is, therefore, the policy of my Administration to listen to science; to improve public health and protect our environment.”  

The executive order then goes into more detail about being held accountable for our pollution and climate footprint, stating that, “it is essential that agencies capture the full costs of greenhouse gas emissions as accurately as possible, including by taking global damages to account.” By reducing our carbon footprint, we are then able to preserve our environment and thus we can prolong the life of the earth.

These executive orders were signed in the first few weeks of President Biden being inaugurated, with the first few being signed the day of the inauguration, and the newest ones being signed six days ago. These executive orders will aid in not only the fight of COVID-19 and climate change, but also helping those in need have access to crucial resources. 

For more information, you can visit the website with all of Biden’s executive orders: 

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