COVID-19: Saint Martin’s professor shares her concerns

Taryn Zard, Staff Writer COVID-19 is a novel, or new strain of coronavirus.  “CO” stands for corona, “VI” stands for virus, and “D” is for disease, with the number 19 representing the year the new viral strain was discovered, 2019. The virus is thought to spread primarily through human to human contact, namely bodily excretions such as sweat, saliva, coughing,

Saint Martin’s students present faculty with anti-racist iniatitive

Emma Dobbs, Editor-in-Chief Months of isolation were interrupted this June when groups of protesters gathered in downtown Seattle to rally in support of racial equity. As groups across the nation assembled in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, students of Saint Martin’s University were notified of a racist image posted by a men’s soccer team player. Saint Martin’s Athletic

Student teachers in Wash. struggle to gain certification amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Olivia Alvord, Staff Writer The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things this year, from sports and concerts to restaurant dining and movie theaters. COVID also brought a big change to school learning, when school districts moved classrooms online, forcing many parents to stay home and become their child’s teacher via e-learning. This move also changed the plans of

Wash. Protests: National outcry on a local level

Alina Cunningham, Staff Writer A nationwide conversation on racial inequality, which led to riots and protests nationwide started after the infamous tape was leaked of George Floyd’s unfortunate and untimely death. The anger felt by the marginalized people targeted by the police on a consistent basis started a national conversation that resulted in protests happening on a local scale in

Wildfires rage throughout west coast

Emmanuel Son, Staff Writer The week of Sept. 13 was smokey and blazing for areas of Calif., Ore., and Wash. On the morning of Thursday, Sept. 10, San Francisco woke up to orange skies as wildfires continued to burn throughout parts of northern Calif. As a result of these fires, smoke has been flowing up north causing historic poor air

COVID-19 is a troubling enigma with a glimmer of hope 

Auston Lampky, Staff Writer   Since the COVID-19 virus began to grab the attention of the world in December, it has proliferated throughout the globe and forced people to confine themselves to their homes and practice social distancing in public. In America, the fears of many were realized when the first U.S. case was reported in Washington in January. Since

A humanitarian mission: Washington National Guard deployed

Olivia Alvord, Staff Writer   The Washington National Guard was deployed for food bank assistance on April 2, and have been on the COVID-19 front lines since then. State Senator Steve Hobbs, a lieutenant colonel in the National Guard, has been selected to oversee the Washington National Guard’s numerous levels of support to the state amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.  According


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  • Just read the last edition of BellTower. VERY impressed with the range of topics covered, the quality of the content and the writing, and I surely learned LOTS by the info and insights provided. It’s a real buffet of content, from local to national to “global”, fun to dive into because of the diversity. It helped me understand what’s up on campus, made me think about issues that confront all of us, and had a nice mix of heavy and light topics. All of this to say: NICE work, folks; know it’s appreciated from cover to cover (as is online access too). It’s a meaningful, enjoyable product of which you can collectively be proud.
    Gery, class of ‘71

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