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Hasley Villadelgado

Hasley VilladelgadoHi everyone! My name is Hasley Villadelgado and I am a current senior student studying Biology and minoring in Chemistry. I was born and raised in the Philippines but eventually moved to Hawai`i five years ago. This is my second year working as one of the Belltower’s photographers. I love to travel and take photographs so I can eventually look back to all the places and experiences I’ve had. I’m also a library student assistant, resident assistant for Parsons upper-class side, and a medical scribe. I am looking forward to capturing more of the Saint Martin’s community and show everyone what Saints are made of.

Jenna Gerber

Processed with VSCO with we presetHi everyone! My name is Jenna Gerber and I am from Kāneʻohe, Hawai`i. I have been working with the Belltower as a Photographer since my Freshman year. I am currently in my third year studying Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. After graduation, my plan is to stay in Washington and work for Washington State instead of going home to Hawai`i! On campus, I am the Treasurer for Hui `O Hawai`i, and am employed as an Office Assistant for Housing and Residence Life. Other than photography, I enjoy going to the beach, listening to music, cooking, and hanging out with my friends & family.


Ryne Oshiro

RyneOshiroHi guys! I’m Ryne Oshiro and am currently one of the sports writers for The Belltower, and have worked for the Belltower since 2018. I am a junior from Aiea, Hawaii, majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Gender Identity Studies. I love anything sports related and find great passion when writing articles. I am currently on the Saint Martin’s Baseball team where I’ve started at shortstop for the past two years. I also enjoy going to the beach and eating delicious food when I go back home to Hawaii. In addition to writing for The Belltower, I am also on the Hui’ O Hawaii club at Saint Martin’s as well.

Fun fact: I have a podcast with baseball teammate Isaac Hegamin, titled “Up the Middle Podcast” and would love for everyone to go check it out! https://www.spreaker.com/user/ir_podcast

Bethany Montgomery

IMG_3380aThis is my 4th and final year working for the Belltower, former editor, now writer. As a commuter, I have enjoyed being involved in my student community and learned about the opportunities provided for students on campus. As a political science major and Belltower staff, I have enjoyed the chance to expand my views about the world. Writing for the Belltower is one of my favorite hobbies, and I have enjoyed every minute of it!


Olivia Alvord

Olivia AlvordOlivia Alvord is a writer for the News/Lifestyles section. She previously wrote for the Features section and has been a part of The Belltower staff for two years. Olivia is a senior from Napavine, Washington double majoring in History and Secondary Education. She spent Fall 2019 studying abroad in Northern Ireland for three months and traveling all around Europe. When Olivia is not working at the Rec or at her hometown toy store, she enjoys knitting, watching crime shows and history documentaries, and hiking.

Grace Gillespie

Grace GillespieI am Grace Gillespie, and this is my first year as a staff writer for the Belltower as well as my first year at Saint Martins. I am studying for my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and still figuring out my exact concentration. I’ve always enjoyed writing since I was a kid, so I am grateful for the opportunity to have a platform for others to read my work and to expand my writing skills.

Myki Dee Kim

Myki Dee KimMyki Dee Kim is a senior at SMU studying Business Administration with a concentration in Management and a minor in Japanese Language. Myki was born and raised in the beautiful state of Hawai’i, more specifically the island of O’ahu. This is her first year being a section writer for the Bell Tower and loves covering on-campus events and special topics. Outside of being a writer for the Belltower, Myki is a third-year Resident Assistant, a student ambassador for the Office of Admissions, and an international student outreach ambassador for OIPD. In her free time, Myki enjoys writing poetry, scrolling through Pinterest, dancing Hula, baking/cooking, and spending time with loved ones.

Grace Crocker

Grace CrockerI’m a second-year Educational Studies major and Japanese minor. When I’m not writing for the Belltower, I’m usually sleeping, drawing, or writing for fun with my friends. I’ve lived in Washington all my life and would like to travel the world. My sun sign is Aries and my moon sign is Capricorn.




Taryn Zard

Taryn ZardTaryn is a Nursing student here at SMU. She hopes to be a travel nurse so she can not only see the world, but help people all across it. One day, Taryn hopes to be a nurse practitioner with specialties in oncology and pediatrics. During her spare time–which in Nursing there is not a lot of–Taryn likes to do art of any medium, and has several rings she made in a jewelry making class. Taryn loves playing soccer, and played it from 2005-20018, as well as on one of Saint Martin’s Intramural teams. She did Irish dancing for almost the same length of time (’07-’19), and has competed in two feiseanna. Taryn has ridden horses for a number of years, and partaken in a few gaming events and performed drill at some rodeos and fairs. One of Taryn’s favorite things to do in her spare time is write poetry and story prompts. During Saint Martin’s open mic night at the beginning of fall semester Taryn performed a poem, and had a poet laureate come up and talk to her afterwords. Taryn loves hiking, and spending times outdoors. She is extremely family-orientated and loves spending time with her loved ones.

Emmanuel Son

Emmanuel SonEmmanuel Son joined the Belltower at the start of his freshman year. He first developed his passion for journalism after the 2016 U.S. presidential election, which inspired him to write for his high school’s newspaper, The Talon. Additionally, he joined Future Business Leaders of America in Broadcast Journalism, making it to the state competition two years in a row. So far, he has covered Saint Martins and Seattle sports, along with politics and campus life events. Emmanuel is passionate about journalism and politics and plans to find a way to enter those fields after college. He has also been involved in music (piano, clarinet, choir) for a numerous amount of years. Being a Pacific Northwest native, Emmanuel finds relaxation being surrounded by trees, mountains, and water. The view of Mt. Rainier and the Olympic cascades still amaze him, despite seeing them almost everyday of his life. Outside of school, Emmanuel loves to hangout with friends around campus. His favorite activity outside of school is intramural sports, so if you need to form a team, let him know.

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