Meet the Staff


Bethany Montgomery

IMG_3380aHey Saints, as my first year as Editor-in-Chief and my third year at the Belltower, I am very excited to continue to produce an amazing paper for you all. I am a junior with a major in political science and a minor in communications and French. I am from Centralia, Wash., but am enjoying living in Olympia while attending SMU. While for working for the Belltower, I have appreciated the opportunity to write and read about the diverse viewpoints of my fellow students, further shaping my own views. My other interests include baking, swing jazz music, movie nights, breakfast food, and petting cute dogs. I hope you enjoy reading our paper as much as we enjoy putting it together!


Managing Editor

Brian Messing: News and Lifestyles


Brian Messing is the Managing Editor of the Belltower, and has worked for the Belltower since 2016. Brian is a junior from Bainbridge Island, Washington, double majoring in Accounting and Political Science. Writing is a huge passion of Brian’s. Brian enjoys writing all kinds of things, including news articles, short stories, books, screen plays and plays, but mostly politics. In the summers Brian works for the park district in the writing camps for children. In addition to writing for The Belltower, Brian is also the President of Saint Martin’s Model United Nations Club. Outside of academics, Brian enjoy hanging out with his friends, watching movies and going for walks in the forest around the Saint Martin’s campus.


Section Editors

Eric Parks: Sports Editor

Hi, my name is Eric Parks, and I am the section editor for Sports at The Belltower. I am a sophomore and am a section editor for the first time this year. Last year, I was a sports writer for The Belltower. My major is business administration with a concentration in finance and I am minoring in math as well. I am a part of the Men’s Track and Field team for SMU as a long jumper, and I am a physics tutor. When I’m not involved in school activities, I’m probably hanging out with friends, listening to music, or relaxing by myself.

Sophia Lim

IMG_3486aHi guys, this is my first year as a Section Editor for Belltower and I’m stoked to see how everything turns out. I answer to the name of Sophia, but you’ll also get my attention through the mention of cats or dogs. I’m all the way from the island of American Samoa so I’m still unsure how I ended up 5,144 miles away from home to study as a Communications major and English minor here in Saint Martin’s University (I enjoy it here, though). I like animals, books, plants, and Harry Potter, so feel free to come to me if you want to discuss any or all of those.


Layout Team

Abigail Lowrie: Layout Manager

IMG_3390aHi friends! My name is Abigail Lowrie, or Abby for short. I’m a senior Communications major with a minor in Gender and Identity Studies, and I’m also an RA for first year students in Parsons. This is my third year working for the Belltower, and I’m sad to say goodbye come May. I’m super passionate about living a life that’s easy on mother nature, and will always share my hippie wisdom when the time is right. I also am a huge mental health advocate and cheerleader for self care. My door is always ~metaphorically~ open if you ever need anything.


Kaycee Bridget Selga: Layout Assistant


Hi everyone! My name is Kaycee Selga and I am from Hawai’i born and raised on the island of O’ahu. I’m a Biology major and looking at the Environmental Studies minor and I’m also a new Norcia Mentor this year! This is my second year working for the Belltower, and I’m excited to see where our paper goes. I have lots of fun finding little succulents at farmer’s markets for my room and eating poke (raw fish cubed and seasoned) from Hawai’i.  I enjoy de-stressing with arts and crafts and listening to others when they need a friend because like Woody, “you got a friend in me”.  


Jillian Leonard: Web Manager

IMG_3417aHello everyone! My name is Jillian, and this is my second year working with The Belltower as the Website Manager. I’m from Southern Tacoma just 45 minutes away from here. I chose Saint Martin’s University due to how close to home it was and that the university was ABET accredited in Civil Engineering, the major I’m going for! I’m a sophomore this year and am hoping to obtain a dual master’s degree at this university in Civil Engineering and Engineering Management by 2023, so you guys will see me for a while. Outside of being a hard-working student, I enjoy a good binge worthy TV show, socializing with friends and family, and watching cute videos of doggies. Go Saints!


Business Team

Sean Dempsey: Financial Manager

IMG_3306aHello everyone, my name is Sean Dempsey and this is my first year working for The Belltower.  I am a senior double majoring in Accounting and Business Administration.  I find Accounting and Finance fascinating and even read books about Finance and Economics in my free time.  I am from Portland, Oregon and I am a diehard Portland Trail Blazers fan.  When I’m not working, reading, or watching the Blazers you can find me hiking or kayaking.  I am very excited for this year and I can’t wait to see how we can grow The Belltower to be better than ever before!


Amanda Grengs: Marketing Manager

Hi guys! My name is Amanda Grengs. I am a senior Business major with concentrations in Marketing, Finance, and Management. This is my first year working for the Belltower. I am excited to help the business grow and flourish for years to come. In addition to this position, I am also the President of Saint Martin’s Business Club. Outside of my academics, I enjoy cooking, hanging out with friends and watching Netflix.


Astrid Serrano: Distribution Specialist

Senator McCoy with staff; January 26th, 2018

Hola Belltower readers! My name is Astrid Serrano and my preferred pronouns are She, Her, and Hers, currently a senior studying Business Administration with a concentration in economics. I am from Los Angeles, California, but grateful to call the PNW my second home.  It is my first year working for the Belltower and I am excited to expand and develop a method to ensure our monthly editions are at the most convenient places for you all. If you have any recommendations for a distribution site, feel free to reach out to me! I am also the RA for the all women’s floor in Baran Hall, the Women of Color student coordinator, Cheer co-captain, and Catholic Relief Service ambassador coordinator. Looking forward to my last year at SMU. Go Saints!


3 Responses to “Meet the Staff”

    • belltowersmu

      Currently we do not have the writers listed on our meet the staff page! We are working to get bios for them to place on the website soon!


    Just read the last edition of BellTower. VERY impressed with the range of topics covered, the quality of the content and the writing, and I surely learned LOTS by the info and insights provided. It’s a real buffet of content, from local to national to “global”, fun to dive into because of the diversity. It helped me understand what’s up on campus, made me think about issues that confront all of us, and had a nice mix of heavy and light topics. All of this to say: NICE work, folks; know it’s appreciated from cover to cover (as is online access too). It’s a meaningful, enjoyable product of which you can collectively be proud.
    Gery, class of ‘71


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