COVID-19 in Fall 2020: The finances, enrollment, and stress of it all

Taryn Zard, Staff writer President Roy Heynderickx has stated that Saint Martin’s University has absorbed a financial hit of roughly $3.5 million from the impact of COVID-19. This impact has forced the University to limit travel, events, and cut back on other budget-line items by $1 million, as well as decreasing and altering benefit packages,

Joe Biden projected to win 2020 Presidential election

By Olivia Alvord, Staff Writer Nearly four days after Election Day, Americans across the United States anxiously waited for the Presidential Election votes to be tallied. It was a time full of stress and confusion. Finally, on Nov. 7th at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, the results were announced. Former Vice President of the United

Philippines Hit by Series of Typhoons in Early November

Emmanuel Son, Staff Writer In less than two weeks, the Philippines has been hit by two different typhoons. Typhoon Goni, known as Roli in the Philippines, hit the first week of November starting on the 1st (a Holy Day of Obligation where many Filipinos remember their deceased loved ones). The storm destroyed over 300 homes

Saint Martin’s University marks 125 years with virtual celebration

Hillary Thompson, Staff Writer  Saint Martin’s University was founded in 1893 by Bernard Locnikar. Starting out as a boys boarding school, Saint Martin’s progressed through the years, becoming the well known private intuition it is today. This year, in lieu of the annual gala, Saint Martin’s celebrated their 125th anniversary on Saturday, November 7th. The

Surge in COVID-19 cases prompts recommendation for continued virtual learning

Sophia Kobernusz-Gibbs, Staff Writer Thurston County Superintendents and Heads of Schools received a recent letter from Thurston County Health Officer Dr. Dimayana Abdelmalek, regarding a recent surge in COVID-19 cases. In this letter, Dr. Abdelmalek remarked that on Oct. 23rd, Thurston County crossed into the high COVID-19 transmission range with a sudden surge in COVID-19

Thurston County general election sees greater voter turn-out

Sunya Chay, Staff Writer According to the Thurston County Auditor, 81.31% of registered voters voted in this year’s general election. This is 3.65% more than the 2016 election, with voter turn-out to be 77.66%. While the percentage difference is small, in contrast it makes a huge difference since this means that more people are using


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  • Just read the last edition of BellTower. VERY impressed with the range of topics covered, the quality of the content and the writing, and I surely learned LOTS by the info and insights provided. It’s a real buffet of content, from local to national to “global”, fun to dive into because of the diversity. It helped me understand what’s up on campus, made me think about issues that confront all of us, and had a nice mix of heavy and light topics. All of this to say: NICE work, folks; know it’s appreciated from cover to cover (as is online access too). It’s a meaningful, enjoyable product of which you can collectively be proud.
    Gery, class of ‘71

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