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What’s next for the NBA?

Ryne Oshiro, Staff Writer Following the completion of the longest National Basketball Association (NBA) season in history, the Los Angeles Lakers came out victorious. The season ended on Oct. 12th, 2020, after nearly 355 days since the first regular season game. Of course, this season will be forever regarded as the asterisk season as many different variables changed the way

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Editor’s Note

Dear Belltower readers,  When I began school at Saint Martin’s University in 2018, I never imagined finishing my studies amidst a pandemic. Despite the drastic changes to our publication, our staff has persevered to continue sharing the stories of our campus community. Thank you for your continued readership and support, as we have transitioned to our new online format. My

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We must talk about mental health in college athletics

Andrew Oslin, Content Creator Collegiate student-athletes carry a rigorous workload and live in an environment structured around excellence, but leaving mental awareness out of the limelight has compromised their holistic well-being. There is a scourge of silence surrounding mental wellness in college athletics. A 2016 study indicated that one in four college athletes shows signs of depression, and others provide

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Even flawed games set bars

Steven Gonzalez, Guest Writer Rogue Company is a broken mess of a game, yet there’s still something in this mess worth highlighting. Developed by Hi-Rez Studios, Rogue Company is a tactical third-person shooter that pits two teams of four against one another in a variety of game modes. A la Counterstrike, Rogue Company combines tactical objectives with zany abilities to

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Thurston County general election sees greater voter turn-out

Sunya Chay, Staff Writer According to the Thurston County Auditor, 81.31% of registered voters voted in this year’s general election. This is 3.65% more than the 2016 election, with voter turn-out to be 77.66%. While the percentage difference is small, in contrast it makes a huge difference since this means that more people are using their voice and voting for

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Surge in COVID-19 cases prompts recommendation for continued virtual learning

Sophia Kobernusz-Gibbs, Staff Writer Thurston County Superintendents and Heads of Schools received a recent letter from Thurston County Health Officer Dr. Dimayana Abdelmalek, regarding a recent surge in COVID-19 cases. In this letter, Dr. Abdelmalek remarked that on Oct. 23rd, Thurston County crossed into the high COVID-19 transmission range with a sudden surge in COVID-19 cases. If the county stayed

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