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Washington Gubernatorial Debate: Inslee vs. Culp

By Olivia Alvord, Staff Writer Former military serviceman, small business owner, and current Police Chief in Republic, Wash, Loren Culp was the favored Republican candidate during campaigns. This landed him in the hot seat next to 2-term serving Gov. Jay Inslee, a former U.S. Representative and former presidential candidate. Incumbent Gov. Jay Inslee and candidate Loren Culp faced off in

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COVID-19 and its effect on Saint Martins student athletes

Ryne Oshiro, Staff Writer The current pandemic has brought many surprises and unique experiences for student athletes at Saint Martin’s University. With all of the changes in the current world, athletes have been forced to find new routines and “norms” when juggling both academics and their respective sport. For student athletes, Tierney DeDonatis, Mallory Vivola, and Katherine Swor, COVID-19 has

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Faculty Spotlight: Andrea Kunder, Ph.D.

Celine Winston, Staff Writer Andrea Kunder, Ph.D., has taught physics at Saint Martin’s University since 2017. In late August of this year, she won a $187,000 National Science Foundation grant to help support her in her scientific journey. Kunder specializes in astrophysics, which differs from basic physics.  As defined in the Oxford Dictionary, astrophysics “deals with the physical properties of

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Saint Martin’s nursing department creates new learning opportunities for students

Taryn Zard, Staff Writer May 7th, 2020 was originally going to mark the launch of Saint Martin’s University’s very own nursing floor. While the university planned for a big, fancy grand opening with donors and even some local members of government, the grand-opening of the nursing department was postponed due to COVID-19. Instead, on June 25th, there was an online,

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The Notorious RBG: Supreme Court Justice dies at 87

Ailina Cunningham, Staff Writer  On Sept. 18th, 2020, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died of complications from pancreatic cancer. Known to some as “The Notorious RBG,” the accomplishments this woman achieved are owed to the tireless determination that she displayed throughout her life. Her contribution to legal history will not be forgotten as she pioneered several legal steps forward

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Associated Students of Saint Martin’s University: Understanding the student organization

Hillary Thompson, Staff Writer  Saint Martin’s is known for having many amazing clubs and organizations, one being the Associated Students of Saint Martin’s University (ASSMU).  Senior Hannah Salapka, who is a part of ASSMU, discusses the organization and their goals. “We are a senate made up of students from a variety of groups on campus. Our goal is to not

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