Andrew’s Podcast Series

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EP 6.3: The Hidden Dorm Building and its Potential Rebirth

Join us on a journey through time as we learn about Abbot Raphael Hall, one of the oldest buildings on campus, which served as a dorm for students back when Saint Martin’s contained a high school. After a long hiatus with U.S. Fish and Wildlife, many administrators on campus hope to bring it back to life as a dorm building for upper class students.

EP 6.2: Ann Adams Talks Resume Writing

Ann Adams from the Saint Martin’s Career center talks about the importance of writing a good resume and how to do it. 

EP 6.1: Public Safety: A Student and Supervisor Perspective

From walking routes and resolving conflicts to unlocking doors and safeguarding lost items, the students and professionals who comprise Public Safety work hard to be relentlessly available to anyone in need of their services. Join us to learn more about the people who set out day and night to preserve tranquility on campus.

EP 5.1: False Positive

A Saint Martin’s student-athlete shares her experience in being impacted by a system error in routine testing for COVID-19.

EP 4.1: Standout Point Guard Reflects on Season Within the Pandemic

Get to know Saint Martin’s starting Point Guard Alexander Schumacher as he reflects upon what it’s like to participate in a team sport during the COVID-19 pandemic.

EP 3.2: Father Peter Reflects on his Role as Chaplain

Out university chaplain, Fr. Peter, talks about life as a monk and gives advice to students as we take on the pandemic.

EP 3.1: SMU Alum Talks Professional Music Experience

An SMU alum who studied business and music reflects on how his experiences here informed his current career.

EP 2.2: Several Students Share Highlights and Criticisms of SMU

Join us as we hear from several students on their favorite things about SMU, as well as potential areas for improvement.

EP 2.1: The Way to Make Someone’s Day

In the current climate, we could all use a little positivity. Join us to learn simple ways to make someone’s day – whether friend, family, faculty, or even a stranger.

EP 1.2: The Life of an RA During a Pandemic

For this episode we chat with RA Clara Sodon of Parsons Hall First Floor to learn what it’s like to be in a campus position during these crazy times.

EP 1.1: 10 Ways to Up Your Study Game

Today we talk about ways to further boost your studies.