Belltower gets new competition from “Foxtower”

Foxtower 1Brian Messing, Editor-in-Chief


Saint Martin’s official student newspaper, The Belltower, will no longer be the only publication on campus. Starting in Fall 2021, a new newspaper called The Foxtower will come to campus with the intent of providing new perspectives on the issues of the day at Saint Martin’s.

The new paper production was founded by rising senior, Rodger Alies. Alies agreed to sit down with The Belltower for an interview and explained his rationale for creating the competing publication.

“It really comes down to the need for more voices on campus. We all know how liberal The Belltower has gotten under Brian Messing. I mean my gosh, just look at the guy. Let me tell you three facts about Brian Messing that are all true: He didn’t vote for Donald Trump, he lives on Bainbridge Island, and he drives a Prius C. Yes, a Prius C. The regular Prius must not be environmentally friendly enough for him, which is ridiculous since we all know that a whole forest in Brazil is cut down every time an issue of The Belltower comes out,” commented Alies.

The addition of a new publication to campus has led some to breathe a sigh of relief. A few ASSMU senators have privately commented to The Belltower that they are happy to have another perspective added to the coverage of news events.

According to one ASSMU Senator who spoke under the condition of anonymity: “To be perfectly honest, I’m sick of The Belltower and the rest of the liberal media being so critical of ASSMU and everything else, like Bon Ap, what was up with that? Anyway, it’ll be nice to have a different news outlet covering us. I think the only reason that The Belltower came to our meetings was to help their own ratings, which always seemed to go through the roof when they talked to us. I’m sure The Foxtower will cover us much better. I mean seriously, The Belltower papers leans further to the left than MSNBC!”

According to The Foxtower, their publication is already the number one read publication on campus, before even being published.

According to Alies: “Well, I suppose technically it is a tie. Though we will soon be the number one most read publication on campus by at least one student.”

Another primary reason for creating The Foxtower is a need to return to family friendly journalism, according to Alies: “The Belltower has gotten way too racy this year. It’s basically turned into a college version of Playboy magazine. I think some of the content is kind of out there, and let’s talk about who their sponsors are. Both Anheuser-Busch and the Saints Saloon are sponsors of The Belltower, and that’s why so much of their content promotes alcohol.”