Furniture Moving hits all-time high in Parsons Hall


Mikaela Hobson, Layout Manager


Students in Parsons Hall have reported some unusual occurrences since returning to Saint Martin’s this semester. Between the hours of 11 p.m. and 3 a.m., many students in the freshman wing of Parsons Hall have reported hearing excessive furniture moving. 

“It sort of just wakes me up at night. I hear my neighbors moving their furniture around their room.” Said a student who wishes to remain anonymous. 

The student described the noises as being “bookcases or some other type of furniture hitting the walls and beds bouncing.” 

When asked why their neighbors are moving their furniture around, another first-year student stated, “I think it has to do with the fact that we’re all so busy during the day. We mostly take 15 credit schedules and there’s no time to reorganize our rooms except between the hours of 11 and 3. Plus, the RA’s are never around then, to tell us we’re too loud.” 

According to another student: “I tend to hear a lot of bouncing on their beds too, I think it’s because they’re so happy that they made their room look so good that they jump on the bed like they’re Kevin McCallister in Home Alone (sic). They certainly sound pretty happy!”

Although sometimes the recent trend of furniture moving is not always as positive as some may think. It has also been reported that some students have a tendency to get upset if items are moved to locations that they did not want them moved to, according to one neighbor of a freshman student:

“I just heard her screaming non-stop as they were moving furniture. She must really have disliked where her roommate had moved the minifridge.” 

Redecorating freshman dorms has also been a boom to local businesses. According to Lacey Wal-Mart General Manager John Watson, “Sales of rope and clothespins have been off the charts since students returned to Lacey in the summer.” 

According to an RA of a freshman floor who wishes to remain anonymous: “Rope can be very useful in helping freshmen students move beds or other piece of furniture such as desks, that can be very heavy. Clothes pins are also useful for hanging their clothes up to ensure that they are not soiled in any way during the process of moving furniture in a dorm room.”

Furniture moving has also become popular with non-traditional students on campus. However, the Health Center has recently reported an increase in visits from non-traditional students after more than four hours.

While we do not know how the trend of furniture moving has started, we are sure that it has roots in that age old desire to try something new in an old place, and we surely cannot expect it to go away any time soon.