Public Safety finds full service bar in Burton Hall during fire drill

Mikaela Hobson, Layout Manager


Note: All names have been changed*

It was quite a night for several residents of Burton Hall and Public Safety officers. During a routine fire drill, Public Safety officers performed quick checks in every room in Burton Hall. There was however one room that stood out. According to a student officer named Carl*, “When I opened the door, it was like I stepped into a bar in downtown Olympia,” said Carl. “The whole room smelled of liquor, and there was actually a bar table, and a well-stocked file cabinet that had more booze than most bars in Lacey do.”

Carl even mentioned that there appeared to be a small stage where a band was playing and several instruments had been left during the exit from the building. A large sign with the name “Saints Saloon”, was also found.

The Shallot was able to obtain a brief interview with the student whose room had been converted into the make-shift bar. The student, a senior named Jason*, 22, had this to say just minutes after the discovery of his room,

“Hey dude, they totally found out about the place (sic). It’s such a shame man, I was making so much money off of the alcohol policy here.”

While clearly intoxicated, Jason had more to add about his future plans to open another establishment on campus,

“They can’t take away my freedom man, I’m like 22, and I can’t drink (sic). I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, I’m going to open up another bar…in the room next door.”

As students know, St. Martin’s is a dry campus, and even students who are of age are not allowed to possess alcohol of any kind on campus premises. Some students feel that this policy has led more students to drink than they otherwise would. According to one student who frequented the Saint’s Saloon, named Marcia*

“I went to the Saint’s Saloon probably 5 or 6 nights a week.” Explained Marcia. “Saint’s Saloon  always had everything I wanted, although I found myself drinking more and more hard alcohol because I wanted to get in an out of that place as quickly as possible. He even had a bartender there who worked Fridays and Saturdays that made really good white Russians. It was always a fun party with the band, and he even had a DJ on some Fridays.”

But not everyone was thrilled with the bar. Jason’s neighbors frequently complained about the noise to their RA. However, after little was done about the noise, the neighbors decided to join in. According to one neighbor named Jeff*,

“So first of all, I’m not opposed to alcohol at all. I’m the kind of person who likes to have a beer with a few friends as I watch Monday Night Football. But since it’s not allowed on campus, I hardly do it. Of course, when Jason started his parties, the noise got to be obnoxious. Eventually, I figured, if you can’t beat them, join them, and I headed over to Saint’s Saloon for the first time. It was great because he had a special on chicken wings that he cooked up in his apartment kitchen, and he did margarita Mondays for the games.”

Since learning about his bar, the Office of Housing and Residence Life has ordered Jason to move off campus. Jason later told The Shallot that he plans to open a bar in downtown Lacey, below the apartment that he is now renting.