Honoring Student Achievements: Society of Fellows Colloquium


SMU students and faculty attend the Society of Fellows Colloquium. Photo credit: Amy Pollard

Amy Pollard Staff Writer

On April 15, twenty-five students were inducted into the Society of Fellows, Saint Martin’s honorary society, at the spring Colloquium.

The ceremony included recognition of student achievements, presentation of certificates and medallions, a keynote address from Dr. Ian Werrett, and a reception for the newly inducted members to celebrate with family and friends. The ceremony was well attended with students, faculty, staff, and community members present to support the new members.

“I enjoyed the small introductions of other Fellows,” says Betty Ramirez, a junior and newly inducted member. “It was interesting and inspiring to listen to the accomplishments of others.”

“Dr. Werrett’s talk was great,” says Alyssa Hancock, a sophomore and newly inducted member. “He is an extremely smart scholar, yet he does not come across as stoic or intellectually beyond his audience. He explained the material in a very clear manner, and I really appreciated that.”

In his keynote address, “Societies of Fellows: Coincidences, Connections and Collaborations,” Werrett reflected on his academic career, including his undergraduate years at Saint Martin’s, and discussed the connections he formed along the way that enabled him to research the Dead Sea Scrolls and, most recently, ancient libraries in Turkey. He congratulated students on their achievements and encouraged them to use the connections they form at Saint Martin’s to learn and grow in their future careers.

The Society of Fellows is the Saint Martin’s honors society, which recognizes students and faculty for their achievements. Founded in 1971 by Father Michael Feeney, the society consists of six academic divisions with five students selected per division. The selection process occurs each semester.

“We received more applications this year than ever before,” says Dr. Richard Langill, Society of Fellows’ Senior Fellow and Professor of History and Political Science.

The Society strives to recognize students not only for their academic achievements, but also for their extracurricular activities on campus and in the local community. A student’s GPA is just one of many factors considered in determining for a student’s acceptance into the Society. The Society considers a broad spectrum of activities in assessing applications.

“It’s a great way to get to know students,” says Langill. “One of the really nice things about being a professor is working with wonderful people who are growing and developing and going to go off and do wonderful things. It’s very satisfying.”

“I feel honored and humbled,” says Hancock. “We all have various and unique skills, and the world needs all of them.”

Congratulations to the newly inducted Society of Fellows members!

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