Monday Morning Mayhem

Cassidy Choi, Managing Editor & Joey Keeton, Staff Writer

Many students were concerned about this year’s move-in date in relation to the first day of classes.  Upperclassmen were only allowed to move in the Sunday before classes started, leaving around 24 hours for students to move in and get situated.

Ryan Jackson, Assistant Registrar, explained that classes started on Monday this year to even out the amount of Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes with the Tuesday, Thursday classes throughout the semester.

“With all of the holidays, students have too many Mondays off. Starting on a Monday helps to balance out the in-class hours,” Jackson clarifies.

Students, when asked how they felt about having only 24 hours to move in, expressed dissatisfaction.

“I thought it was unfair to the students, we were barely given time to move in,” says Christine Towey, a sophomore, “Plus, the book store wasn’t even open so I couldn’t get all the books I needed,”

Junior Austin Brenner added, “I felt rushed and unprepared for class the next day from being tired from driving and unpacking. I didn’t get very organized with the supplies I needed, seeing as the on-campus bookstore wasn’t open.”

It seems many students were not happy with how this semester started.

Even though there is a valid reason for why classes started early, resident students are still wondering why the move-in date was not scheduled accordingly.  Tim McClain, Director of Residence Life, was contacted about the matter, but did not respond. Whether or not this oversight will be acknowledged for the next year is still to be determined.

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