Going against the grain

By Kristopher Choe

With quite the entrance, Dr. David Price delivered a phenomenal last lecture as a shackled up jailbird. The topic of choice was on the concept of Resisting Complacency: Luck, Choices and Fate. The annual question for the last lecture prompt was ‘if this was the last lecture you would ever give to students, what would you say?’

The question arose, what exactly is complacency? Complacency is the feeling of being satisfied with the way things are and not holding the desire to make them better. According to Price, the world is not one universal mold. Every being on this planet has something unique to contribute to make this world a better place, and to stand idle is foolish.

What stuck out to the audience was the idea of resisting the status quo. Price portrayed the appearance of a jailbird with the whole nine yards: the orange jumpsuit complemented by hand and ankle cuffs. The act of being complacent means that we are shackled by the status quo. We should be living a life that is something to be remembered. Do not fall into the institutions and propaganda that dictates our lives each and every day.

“However, the world would be a mess if we all conformed,” Price adds. “The practice of non-conformance is vital if we’re going to change the world.”

Price spoke of a couple in Olympia who left their rhododendron garden open to the public to freely roam as they wished. When the man, Arthur Zabel, would see children wandering around the yard, he would offer them candy for visiting. It is safe to say the man was rather generous and kind, but what he really did was build a community around him. Small changes in each individual can mean a world of a difference to them.

Price expounded, nobody remembers those who stood on the sidelines accepting the world as it is. But history will always remember those who strived to change the world. Be the Martin Luther King, be the Nelson Mandela, and always be unique.

There are always opportunities that are to be taken advantage of. Change can come in various forms: big or small, local or national, or maybe even the world. But you never know what you can do until you resist conformity and break out of the shell. In the words of Master Yoda, do or do not, there is no try. 

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