New semester resolutions

Erica Rodriguez, Staff Writer

In American culture, New Year’s resolutions began with the Puritans during 18th century Colonial America.1 The Puritans called January, “First Month” and during the “First Month” they did not celebrate the New Years holiday but rather spent the time, “reflecting on the year past and contemplating the year to come.”

The Puritans’ resolutions included to, “better employ their talents, treat their neighbors with charity, and avoid their habitual sins.”1 But long before the Puritans brought the tradition to America, the tradition of New Year’s resolutions had ancient ties.

From the ancient Babylonians, Egyptians, to the Romans, celebrating the New Year with resolutions or, “new rules”, has been popular.2

For SMU students it’s a new year and a new semester. The hopes and dreams that were not fulfilled last semester, for example like getting on the Deans List, get another chance.

For some it’s the last of many semesters, for others (transfer students) it could be the first semester of many. New year and new semester resolutions vary from person to person because everyone is different and will have different goals they want for the next year.

Either way it’s the start of something new.

New Year’s resolutions include many goals that could be attained with commitment, hard work, and dedication. For example many popular New Year’s resolutions include breaking a bad habit, learning a new skill, losing weight, reading a difficult book, trying new foods, etc. New semester resolutions include taking better notes, paying more attention in class, procrastinating less, etc.

The basic idea is that it’s that time of year again to start over and set new goals for the upcoming year. If you have not yet set your New Year, or new semester resolutions, here are some inspiring new semester resolutions from some SMU students:

Megan Brown
Class: Senior
Major: Psychology
New semester resolution: “To do well in my classes, and learn to grow from my professional skills at my current internship this semester.”
Sophie Donan
Class: Junior
Major: Mechanical Engineering with a writing minor
New semester resolution: “My new semester resolution is to finish all my homework before 8pm.”


Omar Santana
Class: Senior
Major: Double major, Psychology and Sociology
New semester resolution: “Finish Strong!”



Erica Rodriguez
Class: Senior
Major: English and Writing
New semester resolution: “ I want to figure out what I am doing after graduation in May, grow spiritually, and continue living a more healthy and active lifestyle.”


Cristina Luevano
Class: Sophomore
Major: Biology
New semester resolution: “Go on a few adventures, raise my GPA, and save some money to go to Mexico in the summer!”


Student name: Maria Ramos
Class: Senior
Major: Political Science, double minor in Legal Studies and Music
New semester resolution: “So I want to finish my internship with a lot of networking numbers and knowledge about the government, finish strong at SMU, and attend law school.”





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