New Assistant Director of Campus Life, Elizabeth Rumball

It’s that time of year again, summer is slowly drifting away and school work is trickling into our schedules. With 280 freshman entering Saint Martin’s University this year, Campus Life has their hands full with new activities to help everyone get back into the swing of college life. This year, Campus Life Director Katie Wieliczkiewicz has brought a new member to the Campus Life team—Assistant Director Elizabeth Rumball.

Rumball joined Saint Martin’s from Utah State University where she completed both her undergraduate and graduate degrees. She also worked as an assistant to the sororities and fraternities on campus, as a graduate assistant, and was involved with student orientation and the involvement office. Wieliczkiewicz explained that they hired Elizabeth for her great energy, presence and background. She continued that with Rumball’s assessment skills, ability to connect well with students and to think big with programming, she will be a great contribution to Campus Life. The Campus Life team consists of Wieliczkiewicz and Rumball, in addition to the student workers for the TUB and campus PROS (Programming Specialists). Campus Life also works closely with ASSMU and making sure student voices are heard and accounted for.

Campus Life aims to offer students a place to go at random hours to study, hangout and to learn about opportunities on campus and the community. Wieliczkiewicz and Rumball both care deeply about what Saint Martin’s students need and value being a hospitable place. Wieliczkiewicz explained that they are planning more diverse, social and informative events this year. Their goal is to bring performers on campus from all different backgrounds to mirror what our diverse student body exemplifies. Rumball values the principles that Saint Martin’s follows throughout all departments and is hoping that Campus Life shows respect for all persons and wants to tailor their programs to all and not just the traditional student body. Rumball will be working with other officers on campus to pull in more students from different majors, backgrounds and clubs to be involved.

Rumball has never been on a campus as small as Saint Martin’s before and is exited to meet the student body and have people show up to Campus Life’s events this year. Wieliczkiewicz is also exited to work with ASSMU in launching set town hall meetings to address issues and maintain the funding program. If you want to get involved with Campus Life anyone is welcome to apply for a position with the TUB and PROS, stop by the office, or participate in the many activities planned this year.

Keep a look out for the following Campus Life events and for more information:

Sept. 29 location and time TBD PoBev (Poetry and Beverage,) an open mic opportunity to showcase your talents with performance by Mitch Mirande.

Oct 5 Saint Sports Day attend a variety of Saints sporting events with tailgates and activities

Written by Taylor Gersch, Staff Writer

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