In response to recent community concerns

Sabrina White, Editor-in-Chief


On behalf of the Belltower, I would like to acknowledge the offence taken by members of our campus community at the jokes published in the last issue of the Belltower. I would like to reaffirm that these jokes were submitted by students not affiliated with the Belltower and do not represent the opinions or ideals of the Belltower as a whole. We understand the concerns raised by members of the community, but prior to the expression of these concerns we had received generally positive feedback from informal student inquiries following the initial publication. This made the situation a difficult one for the staff to understand initially, particularly because we had so many conflicting opinions to consider.

Some of the jokes were in bad taste. At the time of the publication of these jokes, we had not thought in depth about the impact that some of them may have on the community or to our readers. It is not often that we receive feedback on small sections of the paper, such as the jokes column, but we did receive a Letter to the Editor and some informal feedback from professors, faculty, and some students.

We at the Belltower are aware of the offence that could have been taken by a reader of the paper, and I would like to state that as Editor-in-Chief, it was not my intention, nor was it the intentions of our Editorial oard to cause any offence whatsoever. Comedy is a tricky subject, and does not always come across as it was initially intended to.

We would like to take this opportunity as a learning moment, not only for the Belltower Staff, but also for the campus as a whole. The fact that these jokes were submitted by students raises some concerns about the campus climate as well as the general societal climate, as outlined in the Letter to the Editor we received. These jokes play into bigger issues that we face on campus, and as a community we should strive to be open to these issues and confront them instead of pushing them to the background. There are plenty of sensitive topics that need to be discussed, and as Editor-in-Chief I am striving to make the Belltower an outlet where these conversations can take place, and where our community can become well informed of the campus environment and other newsworthy stories.

As always, if you have concerns or comments about any of the content published in the Belltower, please send us an email or Letter to the Editor, as outlined in our guest submissions content policy printed on page two, and the LTE policy below.

Your Editor-in-Chief,

Sabrina White


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