Women’s soccer seniors reflect on their last year

Nathan Pearsall, Staff Writer



Q: How did you guys become interested in soccer and what made you pursue it in college?

A: I started playing at a young age when I moved to a new town, it started as a way for me to make friends and play outside but I wound up falling in love with the game. I was blessed to see professional women’s games at a young age and those moments planted the seeds for me to pursue the highest level of play possible. I’ve been working towards those dreams for 15 years now and pray I never have to give them up.


Q: What sports icon did you look up to growing up?

A: I always looked up to Sisleide do Amor Lima, a Brazil professional soccer player and co-winner of the 1999 FIFA Golden Boot award. I knew her as Sissi when she coached me during my teenage years. As a fellow woman of color, she inspired me deeply because I saw myself in her and it gave me hope I could play alongside the best of the best if I worked hard enough.


Q: What is your major? Where do you see yourself after graduation? Will you try and play anywhere or will soccer become a hobby following college?

A: I am currently majoring in business administration and I hope this will lead me to a graduate program on the east coast or perhaps abroad in a Spanish speaking nation. My goal is to use my business connections to create a larger network for philanthropy in my home state of California. I am deeply committed to finding ways to play soccer after college, more specifically I hope I can play for a futbol club overseas. I don’t think I will ever stop playing, even if that means I’m playing in pick-up games at a local park.



Q: Tell me about your pregame tradition, do you have a pregame meal you always have, or something special to you that you never forget to do​?

A: Listening to music and having dance-offs with my teammates. We have dance parties before every game and hype each other up. I always say a prayer right before kick-off and during the national anthem.


Q: What team in the GNAC do you always look forward to playing and why?

A: Playing at SPU, there fan section is always loud and big. I love playing at night under the stadium lights in front of a big crowd. SPU is always one of our toughest games and we always play well there.


Q: What is your favorite soccer moment from your entire life? Middle school club, high school, high school club, SMU, just pick something that you remember most from your earlier years of playing soccer.

A: Winning state for club my senior year. I played for Northwest Nationals and we won at Starfire sending us to regionals in New Mexico. It was the perfect way to end my club soccer career.


Lauren Allison

Q: How tough is it battling class schedules/homework with traveling and games?

A: Some days are harder than others. It can be very overwhelming for sure but the coaches make sure that we are students first and do everything they can to help us balance our schedules. Professors have been very understanding as well, which has been amazing over the years!


Q: If you could be any animal, what would you choose and why?

A: I would be a wolf for sure. They are just all around awesome and majestic.

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