National and local businesses highlighted at fall Business Career Fair

Mia Rollins, Staff Writer


For anyone walking into the Business Career Fair, the neatly organized tables filled with bright pamphlets and smiling business men and women all eager to talk about their professions immediately catch the eye. The fall Business Career Fair on Oct. 18 was packed with Saint Martin’s students networking with organizations from all over the county, state, and country. Undergraduate students were not only able to ask company representatives questions, but many were also able to leave emails and phone numbers with professional companies that would hopefully lead to career opportunities in the near future. With 22 associations attending the fair in the Norman Worthington Conference Center, students had an opportunity to explore careers that they previously had not heard of nor had pictured themselves being a part of.

Ann Adams, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Career Development, coordinates all the career fairs and notes that individuals who may be undecided in their major or career path should take the time to participate in all the job exhibitions she hosts, saying “I really want students who are undecided about their career path to attend; this is for them to come and talk to our alumni, and for them to explore by talking to people about how they got their own jobs.”

Adams later goes on to explain why asking questions about jobs is a key step in securing a profession when you graduate. “You should always get as much information you can before you commit to a job or internship, know what you are going to be doing, know who you are going to be working with, let people give you advice.”

The fair also allows businesses like Buckeye International to give helpful information such as listing specific skills and requirements that they search for in a potential employee. “We’re looking for someone who can talk to people, someone who is outgoing, we do a lot of phone conversations a lot of person to person conversations with complete strangers… someone who’s very personable with a good personality is really the main thing we are looking for,” Said Kase Aufsesser, Buckeye International sales representative.

Buckeye is a green cleaning industry based in Kansas City, Mo., looking to add more sales representatives at their branch in Seattle. Aufsesser notes that Buckeye only hires newly graduated students, so it’s important for their company to attend job fairs to reach out to potential employees.

“We have a local office here in Seattle and we are always looking to add to our team over here… We only hire recent college graduates so our main focus is going to career fairs like this at Saint Martin’s and finding some talent and people who would be a good fit for our team,” said Aufsesser.

Adams also believes that the events she offers give scholars the chance to start the beginning stages to their livelihood. “There are several steps and connections involved into getting a job. If you come here as a sophomore you’re not looking for a job so you may have met one of the representatives here and then you might see them again in the spring, and then the following year you’re going to get an internship,” explained Adams.

While 187 students attended the STEM career fair, only an approximate 60 students attended the business fair, leading to the question: Why don’t more Saint Martin’s students use this opportunity to make connections?

“We can’t always say getting a job is a direct path from attending the career fair… I would like to say that because you get hired by making connections” said Adams.

For more information on job opportunities though Buckeye International visit

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