Saints danced the night away at the annual winter ball

Amanda Chappell, Staff Writer


On Dec. 2, Saint Martin’s Campus Life hosted their annual winter ball. The dance took place at the Thurston County Expo Center, and was adeptly decorated for a winter wonderland. Students danced the night away, ate delicious food, posed for many pictures, and walked away with a free SMU mug. This semi-formal ball was a wonderful way to take student’s minds off the ending of a semester, and to get into the holiday spirit.

Last year, the ball had an “Olympus” theme and was held at the Capitol Building in Olympia. The venue was beautiful, the dance floor centered with an enormous, Christmas tree littered with ornaments galore, and the multiple-leveled building provided for several places to watch the dancing from one of the many balconies. The food, while sparse, was delicious and provided more energy for those who wanted to shimmy and shake around the Christmas tree. DJ Rad had a stage set up to work his magic, and he had the crowd on their feet the whole time.

This year, the venue, while vastly diverse from previous years, offered a warm environment for classmates to dance together and mingle amongst themselves. The many tables were offered for those who just like to sit and observe, or even to enjoy the food that was available for consumption. Saint Martin’s own DJ Rad once again kept the students moving by choosing upbeat songs to everyone’s liking.

The food this year had a variety of options, from mini cheeseburgers to cheesecake, the dancing fuel just kept on coming. Campus life did a wonderful job of making sure that once one item of food ran out, they restocked it within minutes.

When asked about students’ experiences at the ball, Salma Raponi, sophomore, said in a text, “[the dance] was awesome. I got to see my friends and spend quality time with them. The food was great, and the photo booth was a great idea. Providing a shuttle for transportation was a smart idea. I was happy to be part of it all.” Ian White, also a sophomore, said “my favorite part was definitely the DJ. Radrick is really good [at his job]. The overall atmosphere was great.” One of the most popular aspects of the ball seemed to be the photo booth set up in the foyer of the expo center. Campus Life provided a multitude of props for students to use in their photos, and the touch-screen system was easy to operate. The ring light produced spectacular lighting, for the pictures came out looking professional. As there were several pictures taken, and a long queue of them printing, any of the leftover pictures are available in the TUB to pick up. At the end of the dance, campus life handed out free “Let it SMU” coffee mugs, a great holiday gift for the attendees of the ball. These mugs are the perfect way to celebrate the winter season with a little SMU pizazz. Also, they can make a great last-minute Christmas gift to parents or relatives of the student who received them.

As this is annual Saint Martin’s campus life tradition, those who may have missed the ball this year, should make sure to attend the next one, because there is no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to dress in formal attire and dance the night away with some of your closest friends.

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