A Snapshot of the SMU Social Squad

Jessica Varvil, staff writer


Saint Martin’s Social Squad, comprised of our very own students, advocates, broadcasts, and promotes SMU events through social media. Squad members Lauren Diuco and Jessilyn Dagum took the time to shed some light on how their group operates.

Diuco explains that the Social Squad “works with the Marketing and Communications Department by using Saint Martin’s University verified social media accounts to help connect prospective students with current students.” Squad members use Twitter, Instagram, and blogs to capture the student experience and reach out to the SMU community.

Though Dagum mainly uses her SMU twitter account for squad activities, she notes that each member occasionally posts to the SMU Snapchat and Instagram accounts. “When one of us attends a specific event we usually take over a social media handle for the day to get full coverage of the event,” Dagum clarified.


Lauren Diuco — Junior, Business major


Who is she?

Diuco is a junior, majoring in business administration with a focus in marketing and minoring in communication studies. In addition to being involved with the women’s softball team, Diuco also works with Residence Life as a part of NRHH (National Residence Hall Honorary), participates with campus ministry, and is a Benedictine Scholar. Diuco wants to pursue a career in social influence because she loves “the idea of quick persuasion and using social media as a way of communication.”


Where can you find her?

You can find Diuco on Twitter by the handle @LaurenDSMU, or follow her WordPress blog at laurendsmu.wordpress.com. In a tweet from the end of October, Diuco shared a beautiful picture of the orange fall leaves outside of Harned Hall in appreciation of SMU’s picturesque campus.


Why did she join the Social Squad?

Diuco has been on the social squad since the spring of 2016. She asserts that SMU has provided her many opportunities for success and personal growth, and this spurred her interest in joining the Social Squad. “Saint Martin’s has helped shape me to be the person I am today, so why wouldn’t I want to write about it and share my experience with the world?”


What does she cover?

Diuco loves “getting involved and going to events on campus” because it makes her an active member of the campus community. As someone who uses multiple social media platforms, Diuco prefers Twitter to sites like Instagram because she has more flexibility in the types of content that she posts.


Jessilyn Dagum — Senior communications major


Who is she?

Dagum is a senior communications major with a writing minor who grew up in Wahiawa, Hawaii as the second oldest of six siblings. She has a shiba inu named Roku and wants to create videos for the marketing and communications department this year. In addition to loving shushi and writing for The Belltower, Dagum plays the cello and works in the O’Grady Library as a circulation assistant. Her favorite author is campus favorite Jess Walter and she is addicted to coffee, photography and watercolor paintings. A proud and devoted Catholic, Dagum says that her family and friends come first in her life “because I don’t know where I’d be without them.”


Where can you find her?

Dagum is active on Twitter through the handle @jessilyn_SMU. She has posted cryptic hints about her video projects and keeps her followers updated on local specials at highly frequented venues like Starbucks.


Why did she join the Social Squad?

Dagum says that she loves the community that has developed between the Squad members. They “have eachothers backs,” and she says, and give back to the larger community by covering events and connecting with students. “I want to leave something behind for the school that’s given me so much.”


What does she cover?

Though the Social Squad covers everything from official events to everyday happenings around campus, Dagum tries to cover the big evens on campus like documentary viewings and special guests. She recently interviewed author Jim Lynch and Chef Ming Tsai, both distinguished guests at SMU. As a communications major, Dagum creates videos in tandem with other Marketing and Communications students, and is currently working on a piece that will highlight Angus McDonald, the first student of Saint Martin’s University. Dagum says that “providing this little slice of life at Saint Martin’s really brings our students and those who support SMU together… staff, faculty, alumni, even trustees.”


In addition to Dagum and Diuco, the Social Squad added freshman Mia Rollins to their team this year. Rollins also has social media accounts, and can be found on Twitter @mia_SMU

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