75th annual Golden Globes becomes latest stage for activism

Zara Kulish, Staff Writer

biglittleliescastGolden glOBES EDIT

Photo Coutesy Twitter.com
“Big Little Lies” cast from left to right: Nicole Kidman, Zoë Kravits, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, and Shailene Woodley. Many stars auctioned off their dresses to pay legal fees for victims of sexual assault.


When the first Golden Globe Awards took place in 1944, there was no gala associated with them, the awards were in the form of scrolls rather than statuettes, and there were only eight journalists representing the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association (the precursor to today’s Hollywood Foreign Press Association).

The following year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association held a contest to determine what the shape of the statuettes would be. They wanted something that would convey the aims of the organization, and settled on the globe and pedestal to represent the world – an idea presented by the group’s president that year, Marina Cisternas. In 1945, a formal gala and banquet were added to the ceremony. It was held at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The 73rd annual Golden Globe Awards were held on Jan. 7 this year, celebrating achievements in movies and television. While awards shows have a history of being used for activism and political statements, the big focus has always been the red carpet, and the fashions that it brings. This year, the two combined in a display of solidarity for the victims of sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood (and the rest of the world) with women wearing all black in support of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson told Mic that men would also be participating in the protest. The publication, however, states that this will not provoke much of a change, as most men show up to the Golden Globes in all or mostly black anyhow.

There was also some controversy over this act of protest because the women were wearing the same glamorous, sparkly gowns. It does not have to be an empty gesture, though – there are five more major awards shows this season, and celebrities can continue to make this statement, whether with black dresses, or by bringing activists as their dates, or even auctioning their designer dresses to pay for legal representation for victims of sexual misconduct, as some of the biggest stars of the Golden Globes – including Reese Witherspoon, Viola Davis, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Nicole Kidman – are doing with the Time’s Up initiative.

In addition to the wardrobe activism on the red carpet, the opening monologue given by Seth Meyers, the host of the evening, was peppered with jokes that were meant not only for a laugh, but to make a point. The monologue began very bluntly with “marijuana is finally allowed, and sexual harassment finally isn’t” His remarks on the sexual disparity in Hollywood included a joke about how the awards were “the first time in the last six months” that it would not be worrisome for the men in the room to have their name read out loud, and a crack about all the women turning down the host position because it’s in a hotel.

It was an overall productive year for the Golden Globes, with women triumphing in most categories, powerful statements of progress made verbally and visually, and despite the monotone theme, gowns as stunning as ever. The media and rest of the world eagerly awaits to see what future statements or stances against sexual harassment the world of Hollywood will make at the next awards.

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