Prayer in the midst of our busy lives

Kianna Garmanian, Staff Writer


During your time at Saint Martin’s, you may have seen the monks gather together for prayer during the morning, afternoon, and evening. In fact, they meet at the Abbey Church four times a day, for three prayer services and Mass to praise God, present specific intentions, read Scripture, and more. Why, you may ask, would the monks want to pray so often? Fr. Paul Weckert remarks, “St. Paul tells us to pray constantly, to be in union with God. So, we stop and pray during the day and take that prayer into our work, and even into our sleep. Over the years, prayer has brought me closer to God and even lured me to pray more.”

Prayer is more than just a bunch of words that are said in a specific sequence and at certain times of the day. Prayer is the way for each of us to communicate with God and grow in our relationship with him. You may wonder, why do I need to talk to God about what my day, what I am feeling, or what’s going on in my life, since he already knows? Well, think about this: To develop a friendship with another individual, you must invest time to communicate and get to know them. What makes your relationship with God any different? If you desire to grow closer to the Lord, start by building that foundation, bond, and love by spending time with him in prayer.

Freshman Moises Garcia comments, “Prayer, to me, is like an escape, because I can just go to God and talk about my day. And, I don’t need to do it in a way that satisfies anybody. I can just go to him and not worry if he understands me or not, because he always understands us. He knows us better than we know ourselves. Prayer feels like a relief because I can bring in all my feelings- I can just dump them on God. It’s always an enjoyment to go to him because he brings love. I can feel that love in my life, which shows that he is always listening.”

Amid our busy lives and hectic days, calling upon the name of Jesus brings tremendous peace, comfort, and joy. If you ever feel overwhelmed by work, exams, relationships, or struggles, try saying a few simple words to God, like “Lord Jesus Christ, please be with me” or “God, allow me to experience your love.” If you wish, try reserving a section of your day, just 5-10 minutes, to spend with God in prayer. You will be amazed to see how life-giving such time with the Lord is and how much Christ will strengthen your soul. And, if you don’t have any spare moments, do not worry because there is a solution for you. When you are getting ready in the morning, walking to class, working, or preparing meals, invite Jesus to walk with you during the day. You can invite him into your daily life, and his presence will never leave your side.  

Prayer is for everyone, and Jesus encourages each one of us to partake in a special relationship with him, which can be strengthened by prayer.


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