Iron Saints weightlifting club “helps improve people’s lifestyles”

Lauren Allison, Staff Writer


SMU provides a wide variety of clubs on campus. Both academic and social clubs provide opportunities for everyone to get involved. This diverse campus allows students from all over to come together and relate through a common ground. One opportunity this campus seems to have a lot of activities for active students. The Charneski Recreation Center is always packed, no matter the time of day. You will see students playing basketball, getting a workout in, or taking a wellness class upstairs.

Another common interest of the students is weightlifting. People of all sizes and strengths try to better themselves here on campus. The Rec is a great place to get a good lift in, but sometimes you need a spotter or someone to help push you. This is the exact reason that junior Lucas Linders created the new SMU weightlifting club, Iron Saints. “I find weightlifting as a great hobby and I would like to share it with others. There are other people that lift as well so I thought it would be a good opportunity to get together and help one another” Linders commented about why he started the club.

Iron Saints was approved before winter break began and had their first meeting at the beginning of the semester with a total of 25 members so far. The members range from athletes and regular lifters to students who want to learn about lifting and improve their fitness. Linders hopes to “help improve people’s lifestyles if they want to and get people interested in weightlifting.” The club offers a place that people can feel comfortable lifting no matter where at they are in their lifting progress. Whether they are learning the correct form, or just trying to improve their max weight on lifts, there is a spot for them in the club. “The thing I love most about weightlifting is seeing progression and being able to control this part of my life. Accomplishing my goals week by week is a great feeling that I want to share with others.”

Linders was surprised there wasn’t already a club for lifting on campus, “I saw a community of people and thought that it would be a great experience and chance to meet new students with the same interests.” Sometimes working out at a gym off campus or joining a CrossFit group can be intimidating. Having a club on campus can provide a more comfortable and relaxed place to get a good workout in. If you need help learning correct forms and maybe even a workout plan, the club is a great place to go. It can provide you tips for getting started, where to go next or how to improve your lifting form.

The club meets twice a month with dates and times to be determined, but even if you cannot make the meetings, the members and would still love to see you out there lifting. As president, Linders’ goal is to provide connections for members to find someone to lift with or a workout partner to make their goals easier to accomplish. If you would like to find out more about Iron Saints there are posters around campus or you can email Linders directly at


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