Live life as a sunflower

Sophia Lim


If you can be anything, be a sunflower.


Over the years, positivity and optimism has been the number one factor in leading a happy, healthy life. Studies show that many of those who have positive outlooks in life tend to be more productive, healthier, and overall happier. Who is the best role model to influence that type of behavior and mindset? Sunflowers, of course.


The scientific name for these flowers is, “Helianthus” — helia for “sun” and anthus for “flower.” Their tendency to follow the sun is called “heliotropism.”  Because of this, sunflowers are deemed the living, breathing the epitome of optimism. Meaning that, they quite literally always turn to the bright side. Aside from having so many helpful uses, they are also seen as a figure of inspiration.


With their bright sunny colors and tall stature, you can’t help but understand how these flowers stay radiant. One thing is for sure; the lesson we can get from them is to always face where the sun is shining. In a metaphorical sense, you can apply this in your daily life. There will always be a good and bad in everything, nobody can deny that or have any control over that. But what you can control is how you deal with it and which side of things you decide to focus on. When you adopt the way of the sunflower, that means you are deciding to see good in things, no matter the situation.


There are many ways to practice this mindset such as:

Daily affirmations – remind yourself that the universe is wonderful and so are you.

Gratitude journaling – you can do this daily or weekly, but it’s important to give thanks for what you have.

Self-love and self-appreciation- acknowledge your talents, skills, and things you love about yourself.

Set goals- set attainable goals and keep track of your progress, the reward will be sweet once you reach it.

Be kind, always- as you begin to take in positivity and all things good, don’t forget to share them as well.


These are some ideas to get you started and to boost your positive viewpoint in life. One thing to remember though is that although you are on a journey to be happy, it’s still okay to feel sad, hurt, and angry. But what needs to be remembered is that after you allow yourself to feel these things, you need to let go. You need to understand that certain situations may be a reason to cry, but there are many more reasons out there to smile. Be someone who makes others warm just by being around. Be someone who shares the joys of good vibes. Be someone who knows how it is to feel everything. But be someone who chooses to feel happy. Be someone who loves themselves despite what others say or make them feel. Be someone who treats others with love and respect. Be someone who is strong and will grow radiant and bright. Be your own sunshine.


Be a sunflower.

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