Excerpt from Amanda Chappell’s “Stitches & Leather”

Amanda Chappell, Section Editor


The following is an excerpt from a personal essay I wrote, Stitches & Leather, that I will be presenting at the 2018 Sigma Tau Delta International English Convention, hosted this year in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m very excited to present this essay, and grateful for all the support I have received regarding my attendance and participation at my first academic conference.


“Trauma can play an interesting role in a person’s life. If you were to ask fourteen-year-old me if writing was ever going to play a significant role in my life, I would have laughed and ran off to the soccer field, because that’s what I knew best. Back before the injury, I was an outgoing teenager, who cared in the least about her academics, as long as she could play soccer. Now, I am an introverted, well-read individual who strives for nothing but academic success. Since my days of being concussed, I have found solace in other passions – ones I never would have imagined. Thanks to years of journaling, and English teachers coaxing out the inner writer in me, I have finally realized the skill that’s been there all along – I was just too wrapped up in some sport to believe it for myself. Writing has provided the same outlet that soccer did for a younger me. Instead of physically taking my aggression out on a field, I now put all that same feeling into my art. As I was in this stage of maturation, trying to figure out who I was, I found myself showing the same characteristics, in an entirely different way.”

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