Editor’s Playlist: Artists of the Month

Sabrina White, Editor-in-Chief


As someone with a very eclectic taste and a passion for music, I have thousands of hours of songs and artists that I listen to. I tend to rotate through genres and artists every day, picking a soundtrack to suit the mood I am in. For many people, it can be hard to branch out and find a new type of music or a new favorite artist. That is why I have compiled a list of artists of the month, to share my music tastes and help you all enjoy some new and awesome music! Below are five genres of music that I have been listening to lately, each with my favorite artist of the month for that genre and my top four songs for each artist.


My favorite artist this month for Hip-Hop and Rap music is Kendrick Lamar. With “Black Panther” just released, and his last album “DAMN.” becoming the soundtrack of my summer drives to and from work, Lamar has become a staple in my music rotations. His music is passionate and pushes boundaries, as well as being catchy, funky, and something I can groove to. Many of his songs are hype music for my workouts or when I really need the motivation to do something. I always am in a good mood when I put on one of Lamar’s songs.

Top four songs by Kendrick Lamar:

“DNA.” “ELEMENT.”” HUMBLE.” “King Kunta”


My go-to artist for electronic music right now would be WRLD. WRLD is an electronic artist from the Netherlands, who produces very bright and upbeat songs. His music is what I would call a mix between vaporwave and classic EDM. This style of music is one of my absolute favorites, I always put it on when I need a good workout song, some hype music to distract me from doing my laundry or cleaning my room, or as background music while I just chill out. WRLD’s music combines happy tones and ‘synth’ backgrounds and is just a good style to play regardless of your mood.

Top four songs by WRLD:

“By Design” “Everything (feat. Ashdown)” “You & Me” “Orbit (feat. Richard Caddock)”

DECADES (late ‘60s through ‘90s):

My favorite decades artist this month is hands down Kenny Loggins. From his iconic movie soundtracks to standalone songs, Loggins always has something to suit my musical needs. Loggins was responsible for creating many of the hit tracks from ‘80s movies and will always be one of my favorite ‘80s artists. All of his songs are catchy and upbeat and make me want to dance around my room like a crazy person. If you don’t know who Loggins is, I suggest you take a listen.

Top four songs by Kenny Loggins:

“I’m Alright” “I’m Free (Heaven Helps the Man)” “Footloose” “Danger Zone”

OLDIES (‘30s through early ‘60s)

As always, I’ve got to pick Nat King Cole as my favorite oldies artist of the month. No other artist can match Cole’s voice or classic style for me. His music is soothing, romantic, and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. I love to listen to Cole when I’m daydreaming, relaxing or feel like living the old dream. His voice is unlike any other classic singer and captivates me every time I listen. I prefer to play Cole’s songs on vinyl, but if you don’t have a record player any old streaming app will do.

Top four songs by Nat King Cole:

“Unforgettable” “Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow” “Orange Colored Sky” “Red Sails In The Sunset”


This month, I’ve picked soundtrack mastermind Jeremy Soule, specifically because he produced the “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” soundtrack. Soule’s master style is evident throughout the soundtrack, and the music is perfect to listen to when you’re studying or just need a mental break. Because Soule’s songs were designed for the open world of Skyrim, they are produced to help you focus and hone in on the game itself, which makes it the perfect companion for study music. I like to put it on a low to medium volume, find a comfy chair or spot and study away. I also listen to it when I feel inspired to paint some Bob Ross style paintings in my free time. The soundtrack is mystifying, and will transport you to Skyrim, a land of huge mountains, dense forests, magical scenery, beautiful auroras, and captivating skies.

Top four songs by Jeremy Soule:

“Ancient Stones” “From Past To Present” “Dragonsreach” “Secunda”


Who are your favorite artists? Submit your picks to belltower@stmartin.edu to be featured in the next issue!


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