SMU students disgruntled with Snapchat update

Julia Lucas, Staff Writer


A few weeks ago, popular social networking platform, Snapchat, unleashed their biggest update so far, resulting in major backlash from the general public. The new update changed the entire layout of the app, and many are struggling to understand how to use the “improved” menu. The biggest changes have come from the Snapchat story locations changing from one list, to mixed into the individual snaps people receive from each other. Users have to scroll down to find everyone’s Snapchat stories, so many people do not watch stories anymore. While stories used to be a major part of Snapchat, where one person could show all of their friends one picture or video, stories are now almost entirely disregarded. Stephen Murray, a freshman, commented on the stories by saying, “I don’t like how you check stories. I want the story page again.” Murray was among many other Saint Martin’s students who have strong opinions on the update.

When asked about their feelings on the new update, students did not hold back from sharing their opinions. Nicole Porter, a freshman, replied, “It’s trash and I think they should go back to the old one because no one likes it and everyone’s complaining.” Junior, Hannah Snow, offered her strong opinion on the subject, saying “I really hate it because it’s really unorganized.” Many students responded with intense hatred and strong words, but others replied in a more simplistic way.

Paige Miller, a senior, simply responded, “I don’t like change. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Similarly, Amber Burbridge, a junior, reiterated the three words, “I hate it.” Most of Saint Martin’s campus wish they never updated Snapchat, and want to change it back immediately. Everyone’s dislike of the app made it easy to find people who had opinions they wanted to print in the paper. Lauren Diuco had a different take on the app update and said, “From a business perspective, what they did wrong was they took away focus on consumers and put it on advertisement.” Diuco was clear-headed when she spoke about the Snapchat update, and made a key observation of the update. The way in which Snapchat rearranged the layout made advertisements easily seen and accessible. With one swipe to the left, the user is sent to a page of only advertisements, including “news” sources, such as Daily Mail or Buzzfeed. While Snapchat announced the update as a way to better the user experience, they obviously fell short on upholding this ideal.

Most students hated the Snapchat update, but a few had neutral or positive opinions on the matter. Nicki Dehan, a sophomore, replied to the question with, “The Snapchat update does not affect my life; therefore, I’m not bothered by it. No one snapchats me anyway, so I don’t go on it.” While Dehan poked fun at the update from her perspective, she said she has found a way to stay off social media a bit. Kylie Lopez, a sophomore, found a positive, “It’s not that bad because you aren’t as addicted to it anymore.” Whether Snapchat intended to keep users off social media more, their update provided this opportunity for many.

Snapchat has not come forward about changing the app back, but the company has said that they will make minor changes to assist in the user’s happiness. Blaise Ingram, a sophomore, replied, “It is a big change, so there will be backlash no matter what. Either a few months will go by, and we will get used to it, or they will change it back.” Most people are hoping for a full reboot of the app to go back to the original, but Snapchat has only made promises to revise the update, not revert back. Like with many changes, students may even end up familiarizing with the new update and possibly learn to like it.

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