Keeping Our Campus Community Clean

SMU Campus Photo _0005

Olivia Alvord, Staff Writer


Keeping our campus clean is something that we, as a united community, should maintain and prioritize. Nearly every day, there are tour groups walking around campus with prospective students, alumni, and faculty forming opinions about the school and the community within it. We, as current students and faculty, need to try our best to keep our campus community clean. Whether that be picking up the trash that someone else left outside and putting it in the garbage bin, or washing your dishes after making a meal in the community kitchen, we need to strive to clean up after ourselves. We live within a community and we want to make it look the best it possibly can, for each other and for visitors.

Keeping our campus clean does not just mean outside –it includes inside the buildings too. Although few walk through the campus buildings like they do outside, it is still good to be courteous to our custodial staff. This means cleaning up after yourself in the community kitchens and shared living spaces, not leaving your trash or any personal belongings outside your room or in the hallways, and especially, not making a mess in the bathrooms. This is often the one that people forget, as they have someone cleaning up after them in their floor bathroom. Do not take advantage of the custodial staff, they don’t enjoy cleaning up unnecessary messes. Just because they clean the community bathrooms and showers daily, does not mean that they are responsible for the messes you make. So, the next time that you are in a community space, make sure to clean up the area when you are done and leave it just the way in which you found it.

Students around campus have a lot to say when it comes to keeping campus clean. Here are just a few students’ perspectives on what we need to improve in our campus community.

A Saint Martin’s freshman said, “I see a lot of people in Parsons leave their food trash in the community bathrooms. I hate that their stupidity could cause our whole floor to gain a $50 fine. It would be nice if people could just clean up after themselves instead of relying on others to do it for them.”

A senior, Jase Kugia, said, “Overall, our campus is beautiful, and a lot of credit goes to the custodial staff and maintenance crew. With that said, it’s frustrating at times to see students disregard those efforts with their lack of courtesy. At school we preach values such as stewardship and respect for persons and I think we should all hold each other accountable for our actions. Our campus’ appearance is a reflection of us as people, as a school, and as a community.”

Another student, a sophomore and commuter said, “Campus needs more trash bins by the parking lots. I see commuters just leave trash in the parking lots because there are no trash bins near them to throw things out.”

It may seem second nature to rely on the custodial staff to keep campus clean, but the primary responsibility is in the hands of the students and staff who showcase our welcoming community to visitors and to one another.

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