Editor’s Playlist: Albums to love

Sabrina White, Editor-in-Chief


In my eclectic music collection, there are very few albums where I enjoy every song. It’s taken many years and a lot of listening for me to come up with my albeit short list of albums that are through and through enjoyable to the last second. I hope in the future that I can add to the list and have many more albums to enjoy from start to finish. Below are the few albums that I have compiled in my list.


“Adventure” Deluxe Edition by Madeon

Madeon is one of my top electronic artists, and I have always enjoyed most of the songs on each of his albums and single releases. “Adventure,” Madeon’s first studio album released in March of 2015, includes 18 songs and a total of one hour and 15 minutes of windows down, jam out music. The album is a mix of my favorite sounds from Madeon, including pieces with vocals, pieces without vocals, and a feel-good vibe. It became the summer soundtrack for my long drives to and from work. My favorite songs from the album are “You’re On” featuring Kyan, “La Lune” featuring Dan Smith, “Nonsense” featuring Mark Foster, and “Innocence” featuring Aquilo. Madeon collaborated with a lot of really awesome vocal artists for this album and intertwined those vocal pieces with strictly synthetic sounds for an album that is very enjoyable start to finish.


“Pyromania” by Def Leppard

I have a soft spot in my heart for Def Leppard, as I grew up in my dad’s car enjoying the ‘80s hairbands that he would jam out to in high school. Def Leppard was my first concert, and I have always liked all of their music. The “Pyromania” album is my all time favorite from Def Leppard, and I constantly have it as a staple in my vinyl rotation at home. It is their third studio album, released in January of 1983. I enjoy listening to the pops and white noise with this album on my record player as it feels more authentic. It’s my go to when I am cleaning my room or needing a break from homework. My top songs on the album include “Photograph,” “Rock of Ages,” “Foolin’,” and “Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop).”

unforgettable nat king cole

“Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole

The last album on my list is of course from my all time favorite oldies singer. “Unforgettable” is truly an unforgettable album, and also remains a staple in my vinyl rotation. Cole’s voice is soothing, unique, and the album from start to end is peaceful, romantic, and elicits a positive vibe whenever I listen. Originally released in 1952 and re-released in 1954, this iconic Jazz compilation includes collaborations by Cole and other prominent Jazz artists like Irving Gordon and Eddie DeLange. My favorite songs from this album are “Unforgettable,” “Red Sails in the Sunset,” “(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons,” and “Answer Me, My Love.”

Do you have any albums that you listen to repeatedly from start to finish? Share them with us on our social media or email submissions to Belltower@stmartin.edu

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