SMU student review Norwegian sensation: ReMarkable Tablet

Jonathan Dawes, Distribution Specialist


A Norwegian-based company, reMarkable, released a new and upcoming product to the world- the reMarkable tablet. This tablet was meant to revolutionize the tablet world due to its crisp display, and through the functions the tablet offers. It was released in August of 2017 to a worldwide market.

The reMarkable tablet is a paper-like tablet which allows you to read, write, and sketch with ease. It has no backlight or glare, making it easy to read anywhere. This aesthetic is achieved through E-ink technology; an ink-like image through a canvas display, which is meant to feel like real paper.  

The size of the reMarkable tablet is 177x 256x 6.7mm (6.9x 10.1x .26 inches), and it weighs approximately 350 grams (.77 pounds). The revolutionary canvas display is a 10.3” monochrome digital paper display (no colors). The 1872x 1404 resolution (226 DPI) gives an almost unrealistic crisp display. The reMarkable tablet has no glass parts, which makes it virtually unbreakable, and the multi-point capacitive touch allows for quick response by the canvas display. The reMarkable tablet features eight GB of internal storage (100,000 pages) and 512 MB DDR3L RAM. The battery of the reMarkable tablet is 3000 mAh (Micro USB) and allows for days of usage before charging.

ReMarkable’s pen is an extraordinary design. There is no built in battery or setup for Bluetooth pairing required. Instead, just take the pen out of the packaging and start writing. The pen has a special high-friction pen tip, tilt detector, and 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity which allows for lighter to heavier strokes of the pen.

The processor of the reMarkable tablet is a 1 GHz ARM A9 CPU. The tablet is running a custom Linux-based operating system optimized for low-latency e-paper. The reMarkable tablet also supports certain types of downloadable documents such as PDF and ePUB, with more formats to be announced in future updates.

After receiving my reMarkable tablet last December, I have yet to find a reason to put the tablet down. With the endless amount of functions the tablet has, there is really no reason to put it down. At the beginning of spring semester I promised myself that I would only use the reMarkable tablet to take notes during classes, and with the end of spring semester around the corner, I have taken notes every day in all six of my classes. I have taken a total of 168 pages of notes with the tablet, and more are sure to come in the future, as I quite enjoy the tablet as an alternative to paper notes. As someone who prefers to hand-write my notes, the tablet is perfect  for me.

With around five months of using the tablet there has been a few issues. One issue that does come up once in a while is the tablet not reading the mark or stroke of the pen, which isn’t a major issue, but can become frustrating. The major issue I have is with Saint Martin’s wi-fi. The routers are so old or outdated that the reMarkable’s cloud cannot connect to my laptop or smartphone. This problem is aggravating due to the fact that I cannot download PDF files needed for class, as the wi-fi is not strong enough to connect to the reMarkable cloud system. I cannot export files from the reMarkable tablet either, which can cause issues if writing notes that need to be shared with my fellow peers.

The overall experience with the reMarkable tablet has been enjoyable and amazing. The reMarkable tablet has helped organize my life, due to my field of study, and the large amount of paper clutter I accumulate. This elimination of paper clutter really can help improve ones work ethic, successfulness in class, and can prevent unnecessary paper waste. With the countless positive outlooks of the reMarkable tablet, and for the reasonable price of $499 along with free express shipping and 14-day return period with a full refund; the reMarkable tablet is a guaranteed product and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a paper alternative.

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