Bon App or Bon Crap?

Extremely dissatisfied guest writer


 This semester, tensions between Bon Appetit workers and resident students have grown increasingly hostile. With a new influx of workers, the policies for meal plan usage have become a serious gray zone.

 Resident students eating meals that allow the use of a meal credit are entitled to an “all you care to eat” dining experience, per the Saint Martin’s website explanation of how to use a meal credit. Students eating their meal in the caf are understandably upset when they have leftover food and are denied a box. No restaurant will deny you a container to take your leftover food in with the argument “you’re stealing food that you did not pay for.” In fact, students have paid for their food using their meal credit. If you choose to take your food to go, you are forced to use flex cash and pay full price for your half eaten meal, that you have already paid for using the meal credit.

 Bon Appetit workers have become increasingly rude regarding the policies, being short and speaking to confused residents with a demeaning tone. A senior student said “Some of the employees are notoriously difficult to deal with, not wanting to assist us, as our tuition pays them too.”

 Students who have spoken against this “new” policy, and questioned to see it in writing have been seemingly exiled from the Caf and are fearful to return. Bon App employees will follow them, ask to see their receipt with proof of payment, and send judgmental glares to students upon choosing their food. How are students supposed to have a positive dining experience when the very people running the Caf are the ones that are creating a negative environment?

 Students have expressed their confusion with the policy due to different employees telling them different rules, and some being more lenient than others. After enough question about the policy, Bon App displayed a written policy that reads “to-go boxes are not available for usage in the cafe for leftovers.” However, when students bring their own container to take their food, they are told that it is theft and asked to throw away their remaining food. With their policy stating “in an effort to create a more sustainable environment,” and the Caf no longer composting, these situations are a paradox.

 Students who bring their own to-go containers for food are also told they cannot use them due to concerns of cross contamination. Echoing the Belltower article published last fall regarding food allergies and Bon Appetit, it seems that the Caf cross contaminates many of their food choices. This fear of allergic reaction causes many students with food allergies to strictly avoid the caf, and even as resident students, buy groceries so they know their food is safe.

 Students unable to enjoy three meals a day due to food allergies are not alone in their cafe worries. Students have been expressing greater concern for the cleanliness of dishes as they dine. Often times the metal silverware available is coated in a sticky residue or covered in water spots.

If the cafe is really trying to be more sustainable, they should allow for students to bring their own containers, silverware, and reusable coffee cups. Sustainability would also allow for the taking home of leftover food to be eaten rather than scraped into the garbage can.

But maybe that’s why students refer to Bon App as Bon Crap.

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