The game for all the apples

Luke Hare, Staff Writer


 Have you ever heard of a game named after a fruit? Well, if you’ve ever been in Washington, you would think this is a stupid question. For those of you who don’t, the biggest rivalry in the State of Washington for college football is going to take place in Pullman, Wash. on Nov. 23 at 5:30 p.m., pitting the Washington Huskies against the Washington State Cougars. The game will be watched in almost every house or restaurant in the state, and the winner will take home bragging rights for a year. Even if your team’s season isn’t going the way you planned it, a win in this game could make up for all the negatives throughout the season. This game is known as the Apple Cup.

 For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Apple Cup, here are a few details on this rivalry. The first meeting took place in 1900. Washington and Washington State have played 110 times, and while UW holds the lead with a 72-32-6 record in The Apple Cup, the home team is 65-55-6 overall. It’s called The Apple Cup because Washington’s state fruit is the apple.

 If you grew up in Washington, chances are you either wore crimson red or purple, and never wore the opposing color. Generally speaking, the color of your parent’s school would determine your loyalty. The thing that makes the matchup even more dramatic this year is that both teams are playing for elite bowl games later in the season, which normally isn’t always the case.

 Washington State is currently 8-1 on the season with their loss coming on the road at University of Southern California by only three points. That makes the Cougars unbeaten at home this year. The Cougars are currently ranked eighth in the nation, the only PAC-12 team in the top ten. This year the Cougars beat previously 16th ranked Utah, previously 12th ranked Oregon, and previously 24th ranked Stanford.

Washington (UW) is currently 7-3 on the season with two of those three losses coming on the road against nationally ranked opponents. They also beat previously 16th ranked Utah and knocked off previously 21st ranked Colorado. This season for the Huskies has been one that has come with losses that could’ve been avoided with just one field goal in each game. While their record is not where they want it to be, UW still has a shot at making the PAC-12 Championship Game if things fall into place.

So for those of you who aren’t doing anything in the evening on Nov. 23, head to a restaurant or go hang out with some friends, turn on The Apple Cup, and most importantly, grab an apple.

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