Seattle Seahawks free agency update

K._J._WrightHannah Hartley, Staff Writer


For Seattle Seahawks fans, the 2018 season came to a disappointing halt when the Hawks were defeated in the first round of the NFL playoffs. After the many readjustments to the 2018 roster during the last offseason, the Seahawks do not appear to be making major changes to their roster, but the 2019 season lineup will present some hard choices. stated that the Seahawks had $60 million in cap space at the beginning of free agency, which is the total amount of money that teams can spend on player salaries. With this wiggle room, the team had a lot of freedom to bring back whomever they please.

Arguably one of the best acquisitions the Seahawks have made so far this year has been Pro Bowl kicker Jason Myers from the New York Jets to replace Sebastian Janikowski. They have signed him for the next four years for $15.4 million. This expensive choice will hopefully pay off for the Hawks, as Myers has made 84.3 percent of his field goal tries throughout his career. During his 2018 season with the Jets, Myers hit 91.7 percent of his attempts, according to Pro Football Reference.

KJ Wright, weakside linebacker and longtime favorite for Seattle, has been re-signed for the next two seasons. Due to a knee injury Wright suffered in 2018, and his veteran status with both the NFL and Seattle, the price was right to resign him at around $7.5 million per year.

Defensive End Dion Jordan was with Seattle in the previous year, but it is not clear if he will be brought back in 2019. Seattle must weigh the worth of signing Jordan back after his anti-climactic performance during the past couple years.

DJ Fluker, Frank Clark, Mychal Kendricks, Branden Jackson, J.D. McKissic, Kalan Reed, Joey Hun, Quinton Jefferson, Tyler Ott, Akeem King, Shalom Luani, George Fant, David Moore, Austin Cailtro, Jordan Simmons, and Emmanuel Eberlee are all Seattle veteran free agents from 2018 that have been re-signed for the 2019 season.

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