Pete Buttigieg enters 2020 presidential race

Katherine Pecora


Pete Buttigieg, better known as Mayor Pete, recently entered the 2020 race for president. Buttigieg is a young rising star in the Democratic Party and was first elected as mayor of South Bend, Indiana in November of 2011. Buttigieg attended Harvard and Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. In 2009, he received a commission as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Naval Reserve.  Five years after this, he was deployed in Afghanistan for seven months. Buttigieg has one of the most unique resumes seen to presidential campaigns to date. According to his campaign website: “Pete belongs to the generation that came of age with school shootings, the generation that provided the majority of the troops in the conflicts after 9/11, the generation that is on the business end of climate change, and the generation that—unless we take action—stands to be the first to be worse off economically than their parents.”

Buttigieg aims to lay out a vision that ensures America’s future is positive. As a mayor of a mid-sized Midwestern city, the 37-year-old would be the youngest and the first openly gay U.S. president. What began as a somewhat longshot idea has transformed Buttigieg into a legitimate contender to hold the highest office. Just a month ago he seemed to be more than a long shot for president. Although recently we have seen the most diverse group of contenders for 2020, not many people knew the name “Mayor Pete”. His mission reflects the growing diversity of the country, as stated on his campaign website: “We need to secure a future in which every American has the freedom to live a life of their choosing; where our republic grows more and not less democratic; where racial justice is a reality and not a dream; where we’ve put an end to endless war; where we’ve summoned the national will to meet the challenge of climate change; where everyone has the health care they need; and where everyone has the chance to find purpose and belonging in our economy and our country.”

Buttigieg’s fundraising has increased dramatically, along with his name recognition. He has raised more than $7 million in the first three months of 2019. This puts him behind only Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Beto O’Rourke. Buttigieg has made himself accessible in a way that other candidates have not thus far. As stated by the BBC: “Buttigiegs crowds have also been swelling at his public appearances. The Friday night event in Manchester had to be moved from a local brewpub to the citys art museum to accommodate a larger turnout – and even then, the venue reached capacity more than a half hour before the mayor was due to speak.”

Though it is still very early in the election, it is off to a very tough start. Fundraising is hitting levels previously unseen. As the political realm ramps up we will certainly see the fundraising continue.


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