Restaurant Review: El Sarape

Brian Messing, Editor-in-Chief

Eric Parks, Managing Editor


On Sept. 9, we tried a local Mexican restaurant called El Sarape. The restaurant is conveniently located at 4043 Martin Way E, Olympia, WA, only about a five minute drive from campus. 

The atmosphere of El Sarape is not unlike most Mexican restaurants, with bright colors and lots of decorations. Upon our arrival, we were quickly ushered to a booth and served chips and salsa. The salsa was spicier than most Mexican restaurants, something we both liked.

Brian ordered a plate of nachos. Although the description indicated that he ordered the “small” plate, he had plenty of nachos to take back to his dorm and enjoy on several other occasions, making them a great value. He ordered the nachos with chicken, and it came with plenty of cheese. Additionally, they were topped off with good-sized portions of guacamole and sour cream.

The wait staff was particularly good. Our waiter was very friendly and engaged in small talk with us before we ordered. The service was relatively quick, and our food came out at a perfect temperature that was neither too hot nor too cold. The staff was also good about getting us our bill in a timely manner when we were ready to pay.

Eric ordered two enchiladas, one with shredded chicken and the other with picadillo, which is a form of shredded pork. The food was quite good, albeit nothing spectacular, but Mexican food in America usually never is. There was a nice blend of ingredients, and none were overpowering. The enchiladas were filled with only the meat and topped with plenty of cheese and a little red sauce. The side of rice and beans was also delicious. There was nothing unusual about these, either, which adds to the appeal of El Sarape: good, standard Mexican food where you get exactly what you expect. 

The prices at El Sarape may be a little high, but nothing outrageous. The Tacos California food trucks are notably cheaper than the food at El Sarape, but the food truck is not a sit down restaurant, and the food is not quite as good. Other Mexican restaurants in the area will cost about the same. The enchiladas with rice and beans cost $14, while the hefty plate of nachos with chicken was $15. 

If you are in the mood for standard Mexican food and are looking for a better experience than a food truck, give El Sarape a try. The wait staff was nice, the food was delicious, and the overall experience was enjoyable.  

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