Saints volleyball season overview

Emmanuel Son, Staff Writer 


The Saint Martin’s Volleyball Team has not had an easy season, sitting at 0-19 as of Oct. 17. The Saints are 0-5 at home, 0-7 away, and 0-7 on a neutral court at no improvement over last year’s 4-22 overall record. The effort is there, but the team cannot seem to pull a win. It seems that every game so far has had the Saints and their fans shaking their heads, wondering what needs to change. Changes are being made each game after coaches and players study what strategies work and which ones do not. 

The volleyball team played five matches from Oct. 5 to Oct. 17, all of which were losses. The games ended with the Saints being swept by Concordia, Western Washington, Simon Fraiser, Seattle Pacific, and Montana State University-Billings. 

The struggles for the team have mainly been consistency this season as the players have struggled to get it all together. 

“We’re still taking it day by day trying to get better putting the pieces together but we’re heading in the right direction,” commented defensive specialist/libero Kylie Amos after Tuesday’s game against Seattle Pacific. 

When asked about the team’s demonstration of improvement, Head Coach Jon Killingbeck commented, “tonight you saw some good things for longer periods of time…We’re relatively young sixteen underclassmen and you saw some of those players get more confidence when playing and that’s obviously going to help out for the season and the future.” 

Killingbeck also pointed out that he had been impressed with Kamaka’s front row performance, considering that she had not been playing a lot. 

“I thought we really did a good job of serving tough and forcing [Seattle Pacific] out of system a lot,” commented Killingbeck, talking about overall highlights of the team. 

Other notable leaders of that night included Mackenzie Carter with six kills and three aces, Emily Gooding with three kills and one block, and Quinci Flowers with two kills and a block.

A similar story played out for the Saints on Oct. 17 against the Montana State University – Billings Yellowjackets.  The Saints had started slow in the match. At a certain point, it seemed as if the team had finally found its groove around the second and third sets. But this would be too late for the Saints, as MSU-Billings was able to get the sweep in three sets. The Yellowjackets easily took the first set, winning 25-11. Saint Martin’s was able to start a comeback in the second set. However, mistakes in the team were able to let the Yellowjackets catch up and change the game up at the 13-14 mark. The next ten points in that set would be scored by MSU-Billings. In the final set, the Yellowjackets were able to gain a 10-4 lead. The Saints would then catch up to tie it at 24-24. Billings, however, was able to score the last two points, winning 26-24. The game may have ended in a loss, but the team was able to hold a lead for a certain amount of time, as well as have a comeback early in the second set.

The Saints volleyball team might have a big losing streak at 0-19 more than halfway through the season, but this is a young team and resilience is present. The team does not give up in any game. However, the Saints still show improvement and give hope for at least one win in the last bit of this season. 

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