Restaurant Review: Safura’s Mediterranean Cuisine

Grace Crocker, Staff Writer


 Safuras is a small Mediterranean restaurant relatively close to Saint Martin’s at 4160 6th Ave SE #103 in Lacey. Ryan Patterson, Megan Gano and I went to Safura’s on Nov. 8. Our experience was overall positive; we would all go again to try other tasty dishes.

As soon as we picked our seats and sat down, a waitress came by with menus and got the three of us water. We were given plenty of time to decide what we wanted. Ryan got a chicken shawarma dish with a side of pita bread and salad, Megan got a falafel sandwich with a side of fries, and I got a gyro combo that came with a side of fries, a salad, and a soft drink. Each meal was decently priced and was enough to fill all of us up for the evening. When we were finished, we chatted for a few hours without being rushed out, and paid at the front when we left. The restaurant was never crowded during our stay, but several customers came and went, with some even ordering takeout.

Ryan’s review of his dish was positive. He said the rice was a bit dry, but the meat was nice and moist; the pita bread was soft and served hot. He thought he was unable to finish everything at first, but I pressured him into eating it all. Megan also had a positive review, saying it was “messy in the best way possible.” The only thing she found disappointing was that the staff was unwilling to do substitutes; Megan wanted a gyro with falafel instead of chicken, but her request was denied. She says to keep this in mind if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions. You can, however, ask for no hummus on the falafel sandwich. Other than that, Megan liked her food. I also liked my food; the fries were nice and hot and went well with ketchup. The salad was good, as well. And since this was my first time having a gyro, I got a good first impression of Mediterranean food. If I were to come to this restaurant again, I would get a plate full of gyro meat with a side of pita bread. 

Another positive thing Megan and I both agreed on was the vegetarian options. Megan is a vegetarian and I’m allergic to some types of meat, so it was nice to not feel so limited on the menu choices presented to us. A lot of American restaurants have the problem of putting chicken in everything, but Safura’s Mediterranean Cuisine had a lot of balanced options for both meat-lovers and vegetarians alike. For vegans, however, I would double-check to make sure.

The wait staff was friendly and patient, but not the best I have ever seen. Ryan commented that he thought it was odd how we had three different waitresses within the half-hour it took for us to eat; though this was not a negative aspect in any regards. The restaurant interior was pleasant, but nothing remarkable. The room is large and holds several differently sized tables, so if you wanted to host a birthday party there for whatever reason then you would be able to. It is a cozy atmosphere, to say the least.

Safura’s Mediterranean Cuisine is a restaurant worth checking out, especially if you are a fan of Mediterranean food or are looking to try out a new experience. 

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