Saint Martin’s students prepare for the 2020 presidential election

Grace Gillespie, Staff Writer


The 2020 United States presidential election is rapidly approaching. Each candidate differs on policies and platforms, but they all share one thing in common: wanting to be the voice of the United States.  Saint Martin’s students shared their thoughts regarding the 2020 presidential candidates. 

One student, Elon Nelson, stated, “I really like Andrew Yang. He sounds more feasible and has a realistic plan. Other candidates like Bernie give empty promises. I think [Yang] will actually follow through with what he says.” 

Yang firmly believes in Medicare for every citizen. He believes that healthcare is a basic human right. Yang recognizes climate change as a global threat, and he is proposing to lower emissions, converting to renewable energy, and creating more high paying jobs.  

When asking Clara Sodon for her opinion on the candidates running in the upcoming presidential election, she simply said, “I don’t really like anyone, and whoever I vote for I won’t fully support.”

A big issue she has is the promises candidates are making about universal healthcare in the United States. A plethora of Democratic candidates are imposing some way to make healthcare free, but Sodon does not see that as realistic.  

Jalyn Boado stated, “I am voting for Elizabeth Warren. I like the progressive policy she is going to put through, and I like how smart and competent she is. She’s trying to represent people of color, Native Americans, and the Latino community, and that’s very important to me.”

Warren feels strongly on power and corruption in the country. She is determined to eliminate cash bail reforms and minimum mandatory sentence reforms. She finds that there is corruption everywhere from climate policy to bankruptcy reforms.  

Christopher Carlisle made clear in an interview his thoughts about the current president running for reelection; “[Trump is] dividing the country and not unifying the country. I want to vote for someone who is dignified in the country.”

Donald Trump is a Republican and will be running for re-election next November. 

On the subject of Joe Biden, Dagny Ahrend said , “[Joe Biden] is not well spoken and past his time.”

Joe Biden is currently 77 years old, which would make him the oldest person to be sworn into office. Biden is as a Democrat, and served as Vice President to Barack Obama. There have been times that candidates have called out Joe Biden for contradicting himself in debates. This brings out the “old man” stereotypes of being forgetful. 

CoriAnn Morioka-Kam, who is a political science major that’s very passionate about social justice, had some thoughts about Bernie Sanders; “I cannot justify everything he [Sanders] does have planned. The promises he is making require a lot more research.” 

Sanders ran in the Democratic primary during the 2016 election, and he is running again this upcoming election. Bernie Sanders, as well as other democratic candidates, believes in healthcare for everyone. He also wants to eliminate all medical debt. Bernie has been an activist in free public education. He has stated that public education should be accessible to everyone, not just the wealthy and powerful. However, news came out about Sanders having a heart attack. Voters are now questioning whether he is in proper health to run the country, since the president’s job deals with an abundant amount of stress.

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