Saints win big in cross country road trip

Ryne Oshiro, Staff Writer 


The cross country season has come and gone, and it is time to recognize the team’s accomplishments. Andrew Oslin broke his previous record by two minutes at the regional meet. He placed first for the Saints with a finishing time of 31:25. According to Saints Athletics, Oslin placed 55th overall out of 185 runners, putting him above 130 other competitors. The next Saint to come out of the pack was Marcus Rice, who followed with a personal record of his own at 31:50.4. He ranked 74th overall, which meant he was ahead of 113 other competitors. The next was Nicholas Sarysz with a time of 32:29.1 and a 107th place finish. This was Sarysz’ first 10k of the year and was a great accomplishment. Other personal records included Miguel De LaMelena and Guillaume Tabary, who posted 32:44.5 minutes and 34:14.9 minutes, and Zach Franco and Noah Roberts, with times of 35:11.3 and 35:33.4 respectively. 

For the women’s cross country team, Elaina Hansen led the 6k pack with a time of 22:40.2, also beating her own personal record. Just like Oslin, the mark was nearly two minutes faster than her previous best time. This was good enough to rank 107th overall. The trio of Bethany Forward, Naomi Hartley, and Kierrla Yates all finished within 46 seconds of one another and all had personal records. Forward scored a 24:14.5, while Hartley and Yates had 24:27.6 and 24:59.6 respectively. The final pair that closed out the race for the lady Saints was Kendyl Otter and Maiya Martinez. They had a time of 26:21.0 and 30:44.9. Otter had also reached a personal best. 

The Saints moved to 20th overall in the region on the men’s side with a score of 523, while the women finished 26th at 755. 

Another great accomplishment gained by the teams was the all-academic honors. Four Saints were tabbed with selections in the 2019 season, two of which were two-time selections. Miguel De LaMelena and Guillaume Tabary were the two who earned their second choosing of the all-academic awards. 

According to Saints Athletics, “Tabary is a junior political science major from Kailua, Hawaii, earned his second selection with a 3.66 GPA. De LaMelena, a junior Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics major from Vancouver, Wash., finished with a 3.59 GPA.”  

The other two selections were sophomores Alyssa Robinson and Andrew Oslin, who had their first selections. 

“Oslin, an undeclared student from Puyallup, Wash., led the team with a 3.85 GPA, while Robinson, a business administration major from Kailua, Hawaii, posted a 3.23 GPA.”

In accordance to the conference rules, in order to earn selection to the All-Academic Teams, a student-athlete must be of sophomore standing or greater, have a minimum cumulative 3.20 grade point average, be a letterwinner with their team, and must be in their second season at the nominating institution.

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