Savanna Churlin: A saint with high hopes

Churlin Pic - Edited

Atlas Kulish, Section Editor


Fortune favors the bold; and so it would seem with Savanna Churlin, a freshman at Saint Martin’s University. From the amazing faculty, to the tight knit campus community, Churlin had only great things to say about her experiences at the school so far. 

“I just felt like I fit in here,” said Churlin. 

When asked why she decided to attend Saint Martin’s, Churlin replied, “I came and toured the school I felt like I belonged, you know?”

Churlin was adopted by her family at the age of 11, and began to think of the future and what it had in store for her. 

“There is a stereotype about foster kids and how they won’t graduate high school and make it to college…I used that pressure as motivation to graduate,” said Churlin.

Churlin was successful in high school, and as she approached graduation, truly began planning for the future. 

“… [I] applied to all small schools because I attended a private school in high school, and I really like the one-on-one interactions and being able to speak with faculty and getting to know them on a personal level,” she said. 

Saint Martin’s often touts its low student to faculty ratio as a reason to attend the school, along with its close knit and vibrant community. Both of these were significant factors in Churlin’s choice to attend the university. Originally, she had planned to attend Oral Roberts University, a small, Christian, liberal arts school, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but changed her mind after visiting the Saint Martin’s campus.

Even though she has only attended college for one full semester, Churlin has already started to distinguish herself as a figure on campus. 

Majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in management, her goal is “to be a big CEO like Microsoft or Amazon.” With such lofty ambitions comes the need for significant personal drive, a quality Churlin has in abundance.

Just like with high school, self motivation and perseverance are a large part of what allows this magnificent student to push onward through college. 

“Recently [I] went through a lot of struggles, both this semester and last one, but the faculty have been willing to help me”, said Churlin, describing how though she often pulls herself up by the bootstraps, it is also because of the support from others at the school that she has been so successful. 

While many students wait until their second or even third year to become involved on campus and take on leadership roles, Churlin dove right in. Not only did she secure an on campus job for herself during her first semester, she is also involved in a project with Residence Hall Assistant Director Sarah Haugh, regarding the on campus Health Center and financial burdens she does not believe students should have to bear. Though she wanted to elaborate, she could not comment further because of the ongoing status of the project.

When asked what she would say, if she could provide one piece of advice to other students at Saint Martin’s, Churlin responded, “Honestly I just want people to know that if you’re driven and have a mindset that you can do anything, you can do it. It may be hard … but you’re so productive that you see how much work you can get done, and it’s just worth it.”

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