Washington State Capitol hosts March for Life rally

Grace Gillespie, Staff Writer 


Although rain poured during the annual March for Life, hosted on the Washington State Capitol campus, that did not seem to dwindle the spirits of over 5,000 demonstrators in attendance. On Jan. 21, 2020, March for Life held a rally to promote pro-life activism. The organization strongly encouraged those in support of the movement to attend. However, if attendance was an inconvenience, the next best step was for pro-lifers to call or write their legislators and make their voices heard. 

On Jan. 23, the March for Life group wrote a Facebook message concerning the rally at the capitol, which stated, “We are grateful to the legislators who braved the elements, too… Please remember to thank your legislators who hear our voices in this cause. We gather at the capitol on a weekday because that is where our lawmakers are. We need them to know that there are so many pro-life Washingtonians.” 

Several legislators spoke during the rally; one being Sen. Doug Ericksen, (R)-Whatcom County, who said, “Choosing life is the right decision to make and [pregnant women] will be supported”. Rep. Kelly Chambers, (R)- Puyallup, also spoke to the marchers, telling them her story of having an unplanned child at 16 years old. 

Madelaine O’Neil, a student at Saint Martin’s University, has attended several pro-life marches and her experiences have always been positive and empowering. “The event is filled with love as the speeches always emphasize how we need to value human life at all stages, while also showing care for the mothers,” she explained.

When asked why the movement matters, O’Neil said, “The pro-life movement is such an important cause because we are fighting for basic human rights, and giving a voice to a part of our population that doesn’t have a voice.” 

However, as a blue state, a majority of Washington citizens hold socially liberal views; which typically means being pro-choice, and allowing abortion at a woman’s discretion.  With all of the push back they receive from the state around them, one has to admire the courage and tenacity of those willing to stand up for their beliefs. Yet, in spite of their willingness to demonstrate and vocalize their opinions, like Sen. Ericksen discussed in his speech at the rally, it will be difficult to change the minds of those men and women who sit in the capitol and hold pro-choice beliefs. 

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