A taste of India in Hawks Prairie

Curry House pic 3

Emmanuel Son, Staff Writer


After a long week and tiring snowshoe hike around Snoqualmie pass, you might need to warm up with the spices of Indian food. However, there is no need to travel all the way to India to get a taste of some of the best samosas, curry, and naan bread around. Quality versions of those foods can be found at Curry House in Lacey. 

At Curry House located at 8765 Tallon Ln, NE Lacey, WA, a taste of India is just at the door. The overall cleanliness, beautiful artwork, welcoming staff, and tasty food, really makes a customer feel at home, whether they know a lot about east Indian culture or not. 

The restaurant has a lunch special buffet that takes place everyday, Monday through Saturday, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. There is a wide selection of appetizers to choose from, including samosas, and pakoras. One order of samosas comes in two pieces. The samosa is neither too small nor too large, which works out perfectly if there are two people. When an entree is ordered, the customer will be asked about their preferred level of spice: mild, medium, or hot.

Indian culture traditionally offers a wide variety of vegetarian options; however, there are also plenty of meat choices, too. An entree comes with a curry and the meat of your choice– chicken or lamb. The chicken was cooked to perfection, with many flavors blended in the curry. 

There is also an option for seafood which consists of your choice of either fish or shrimp. Entrees are served with rice or naan bread. I ordered the naan, while my friend ordered the rice. 

The naan itself had a scrumptious flavor, even without the curry. The texture and warmth of the naan was truly its best aspect. The rice too, had a fantastic texture, and the combination of naan and curry together was delectable. 

Something else that made the meal even better was the mango lassi. The yogurt-based drink was served in a cocktail glass, despite it containing no alcohol. Not only was the drink refreshing and great for cooling down one’s throat after the spicy food, but the presentation made it even more appealing. There were also a large variety of authentic drinks including masala lassi, sweet lassi, chai coffee, and masala. 

My experience with this restaurant was fantastic. A friendly staff, a great atmosphere, and delicious food makes this place a terrific dining option. The many menu items make me want to come back and try something different. The taste of India is just about a five to seven-minute drive away from campus.

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