Dragons den erupts as poor quarterback play continues 

Kierrla Yates, Staff Writer


Winter is starting to fade away, but that does not mean football season is leaving. The XFL is picking up momentum as it heads into its fourth week of the season, and for the Seattle Dragons, that looks like three tough games in the upcoming weeks. 

Two weeks ago, the Dragons went head-to-head against the Dallas Renegades, who currently hold second place in the XFL West. In the next two weeks, the Seattle Dragons are scheduled to play against the St. Louis Battle Hawks, the current XFL East leaders, and the Houston Roughnecks, the current leaders in the XFL West. If the Seattle Dragons plan on halting their losing streak where it currently sits, they will need to take their mistakes to heart.

On Feb. 22, the Seattle Dragons played the Dallas Renegades in their very own CenturyLink Field. With a final score of 12-24, the Dragons ended the match struggling to make great offensive plays. In the first half, however, the Seattle Dragons looked as though a completely different team had stood on the field. Just two weeks ago, Dragons’ Quarterback Brandon Silvers could not even complete 50 percent of his passes. Yet, against the Renegades, on the first drive of the game, Silvers landed the Dragons a 21-yard score. Then before the end of the first half, Silvers made a 19-yard pass to running back, Kenneth Farrow, to bring Seattle the lead.

Unfortunately, once leaving the locker room to start the second half, the Dragon’s offense hit an iceberg. Quarterback Silvers could only land 10 of his 17 passes; not an ideal number for the second half of any game. The Dragons were unable to move the ball and hardly had any first downs. This left an opportunity for the Dallas Renegades to take advantage of these quick returns and wear down the Seattle defense. Unable to make moves offensively resulted in an exhausted defense and the win for the Renegades.

When the Seattle Dragons face off with the St. Louis Battle Hawks and then the Houston Roughnecks, both division leaders, it will be crucial for them to repeat their first half offensive drive throughout the whole games. 

Currently, the Seattle Dragons have one of the best defenses in the league. During week one they gave up only nine points, and in week two, only 18. Their specialty is forcing turnovers. In the game against the Renegades, the defense gained two interceptions and the opportunity to score a touchdown after the pick six in week two. But the offense kept falling short. 

Looking at St. Louis on Sunday, Feb. 23, they defeated the New York Guardians as if they were nothing. The Guardians have the same standing as the Dragons with a record of 1-2, meaning that if the Dragons’ offense finds themselves in another cold game, they will most likely have the same fate as New York.

It is exciting to see the progress the Dragons have already made within the first few weeks. The first half of their game against the Renegades looked promising and showed they have great potential should they find their rhythm. On another positive note, future games should go much more smoothly for the team once Brandon Silvers has completely healed from his ankle injury. 

The next two weeks will be exciting to watch, and hopefully the Dragons will hold their own against the two teams currently at the top of the XFL. 


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