All major sports cancelled or suspended due to COVID-19

NBA COVIDJohn Gerchak, Staff Writer


It is no secret that COVID-19 has impacted everybody’s lives lately, but the destructive impact it has had on professional sports is an eyesore that cannot be overlooked. Every sport has been put on hold or canceled at this point.

It is a difficult time especially for sports that have either just started their season, or have not yet had the opportunity to begin their season. MLB, for example, put out the word that they will not be starting regular season play until at least the middle of May, taking out two months of their season.

If the MLB intends to hold a full season, at this point, according to their start date, the season will not wrap up until late November to early December. The MLB has expressed a willingness to cut the season short and not stick to the original schedule.

Looking at the NBA, they appear to have it far worse, as they have currently suspended all play until further notice, and worse yet, several of their players have tested positive for the virus. Rudy Gobert was the first NBA player to test positive, and he put out a public service announcement about the dangers of COVID-19 on March 17. In it, he stated that he is getting better and encouraged everyone to take the virus seriously. 

Unfortunately, it does not stop there. As of late, the NBA has 13 confirmed cases coming from six different organizations. The most notable player is Kevin Durant. The last round of players to be diagnosed was on March 19, so it is fair to say that more cases will come out of the NBA, given how contagious the virus is.

The 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan have been postponed until 2021. Japan has sunk over $12 Billion dollars into this event and postponing will negatively affect their economy.

This hurts all of these sports’ bottom lines, and sports fans are feeling the fall out of this and will be for at least the next two months. Strangely enough, this is propping up NFL news, and all the offseason trades and free agent signings are getting even more coverage than usual. 

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