NFL has rollercoaster free agency

EDVeHuwUEAElN6NRyne Oshiro, Staff Writer


With nothing for football fans to do but wait for the upcoming draft and season, the market for free agents has opened for numerous players and teams. Some teams improved during free agency, while others did not. Just like the teams, some players won, especially when it comes to the substantial amount of money they raked in. 

The biggest free agent to hit the market was future hall of famer, Tom Brady. Brady decided to part ways with the Patriots, after a twenty year tenure. Within week one of the free agency season, he signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, joining an up and coming offense group that includes wide-receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. For Brady, this gives him a new receiving core that is arguably the best duo in football right now. Also going to the Buccaneers through a trade was formerly retired Tight End, Rob Gronkowski.

Another quarterback who quickly left the free agent market was former Saints back-up quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. After stepping in while Drew Brees was monitoring an injury last year, Bridgewater managed to make the most of his time and earned himself a big-time contract with the Carolina Panthers. 

After signing a 3-year $63 million deal, Bridgewater is set to become the starting QB in the upcoming season, taking over Cam Newton’s position. Newtonis now looking for a team to play for this fall. Another notable signing was former New York Jets receiver Robby Anderson, who agreed to a 2-year, $20 million deal. The two now look hungry to compete alongside arguably the best running-back in the league, Christian McCaffrey. 


Notable athletes that re-signed with their respective teams include quarterback Ryan Tannehill, wide-receiver Amari Cooper, wide-receiver Demarcus Robinson, and cornerback Jimmy Smith. Although the XFL has filed for bankruptcy, the one plus side comes with the two signings of  quarterback Jordan Ta’amu, who signed with the Kansas City Chiefs, and quarterback P.J. Walker, who signed with the Panthers. Both, of course, look to be backup quarterbacks next season.

Marcus Mariota, Melvin Gordan, and Emmanuel Sanders have all found new homes after all agreeing to deals. Mariota will be headed to Las Vegas to join the Raiders on a two-year $17.6 million deal. Gordan agreed on a two-year $16 million deal that will send him to the Denver Broncos. As for Sanders, he joins the New Orleans Saints on a two-year $16 million deal. Another notable running back to sign was Todd Gurley, inking a one-year deal with the Atlanta Falcons, after being released by the Los Angeles Rams. 

Austin Hooper will join a star-studded Cleveland Browns team after the tight-end signed a four-year $44 million contract that makes him the highest paid tight-end in the NFL right now. The Browns will seek to reach the playoffs after several years of trades, signings, and drafting, making them the most impressive team to not make the playoffs in 2019. Hooper joins Odell Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry, Nick Chubb, and Kareem Hunt as they look to bring a championship back to Cleveland. 

Jadeveon Clowney remains the one free agent not yet taken by a team, as he continues to search for an agreeable contract. Seattle chose not to re-sign Clowney and made him a free agent this summer. Other notable names among Clowney that have yet to sign are Jason Peters, Cam Newton, and Jameis Winston. 

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