The quarantine routine has Saints in a completely different world

corona routinePrya Oliveira, Staff Writer 


The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically shifted everyone’s lives. From being able to freely go anywhere you please, to your home being put under a “shelter-in-place,” this has not been an easy transition. With the spread of the virus, Saint Martin’s has decided to move students to online learning. Some students shared how their daily routines have changed due to the quarantine, and how they have been affected. 

Kaitlyn Slade shared how quarantine has changed her daily life: “I’d say I had some major changes. I went from having a 9 a.m. class to a 6 a.m. class due to time zone differences. I also now have to do classes while trying to feed a toddler, while taking notes and trying to keep up with class discussions without trying to interrupt with all the noise going on with everyone being home.” 

Slade is a full-time mom and student; she said that this has tested her limits because she has had to learn the power of time-management. Slade said that it is difficult to be home and have the mindset that it is already summer break, while still tending to the family with chores, errands, and having to Zoom into classes, complete projects, and work on assignments. 

Neil John Castaneda is another student who’s daily routine has changed: “The quarantine has changed up the routine of my life drastically. I went from having friends I can hang out with all the time to ten-twenty minutes over the phone. It also changed my sleeping schedule; now that I have more time on my hands I can choose to sleep more because there is not any pressing responsibilities I have,” Castaneda shared. 

“My school routine is now three hours earlier than it would usually be because of the time difference between Hawai’i and Washington. This means for my 10 a.m. class, I have to be awake by 7 a.m.,” he added. 

Although time differences have now been a huge factor in the online courses, many professors are accommodating students’ needs by being extremely understanding. Deadlines can often be extended, and Zoom conferences are easy to navigate if there are any misunderstandings with assignments. 

Since health and wellness are so important, I asked both Slade and Castaneda if they had a new workout routine or meal plan that they follow.

“Since the gyms are closed because of the quarantine, I have challenged myself to run a mile every day. At first this was hard, but after the first week and half, it became much easier. I add more miles on days I feel really good. As for my diet, I am still trying to eat healthy and I feel lucky that I have a mom that is eating healthy as well,” Castaneda responded. 

Slade said, “Being home majority of the time makes me feel cramped up and lazy so I workout in the morning and evening to at least feel accomplished.”

Although this has been a new challenge for many, students are making a good adjustment. With the help of Saint Martin’s staff and professors, along with the support of other Saints, it has made this transition a little more bearable. Saints are now managing to stay healthy while balancing both home life, and school life, and remembering to “wash their hands.”

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