Track and Field hopeful to keep competing

MT_FRyne Oshiro, Staff Writer


Following the events of the current pandemic, COVID-19 has caused every sport at Saint Martin’s to end for the season, including all spring sports that were just getting underway, and winter sports that were about to wrap up. The track and field indoor national season was cancelled due to COVID-19, and two athletes, Tyler Cronk and Keshara Romain, were left with nothing but a “what if” scenario after an amazing season. 

Saint Martin’s Track and Field coach Jim Brewer had this to say about his athletes: “I feel for Tyler, Keshara and all the many athletes as well as coaches who will not get the chance to experience this season. It is literally heart-breaking. This is one reason why I try to tell my athletes to never take anything for granted, give your very best every day and be thankful for the opportunities you are given.”  

What was more heartbreaking was the story Brewer shared about the championship that never happened: “We were in Birmingham, Alabama the day before the national meet was to start. Athletes from all over the country had reported with coaches and various staff members. Pre-meet practices had taken place along with the typical pre-national coaches meeting. The exception was the meet was not going to allow for no spectators only athletes and coaches. With the buzz of things getting shut down we were assured in that morning’s coaches meeting we would still have the meet the following day. Unfortunately, it did not.”

As for the future of Saint Martin’s track, Brewer stated that the recruiting for the upcoming class has not changed, and he only has a few athletes graduating. From this sudden closure, the NCAA ushered a ruling that all athletes in the spring season were granted another year of eligibility, no matter their grade. This means all seniors could possibly come back for a fifth year, and juniors could potentially play for two more years. Coach Brewer said that one senior is taking advantage of the opportunity and thinking about returning to Saint Martin’s for his master’s degree. 

On the bright side, Brewer expressed how all his athletes are spending time with their families and staying safe. As for trying to stick to the training plan, he had written up all of the exercise prior to the pandemic spreading and is taking this slow and steady during such an unexpected time. As he expressed, this is an unfamiliar time for everyone, and just like a coach would do, he is allowing his athletes to take it slow, especially with the school semester winding down. 

If there is one thing he took out of everything that has happened, Brewer said, “I am hopeful that once this pandemic has passed, people will realize what’s important. I hope that athletes everywhere will return with a new hunger and greater fire to make something special with the seasons they have left.”


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